After tweeting ‘We should use they/them pronouns for hurricane Ian to annoy DeSantis,’ Rachel Vindman deletes her post ‘because it was offensive to the trans community’

Rachel Vindman, who on Tuesday posted a tweet jokingly suggesting that people should refer to Hurricane Ian using “they/them pronouns” in a bid to irritate GOP Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, has announced that she deleted the tweet “because it was offensive to the trans community.”

Vindman had tweeted on Tuesday, “We should use they/them pronouns for hurricane Ian to annoy DeSantis.” That tweet has since been deleted. In another Tuesday tweet which remains on the social media platform, Vindman wrote, “I appreciate the danger of this storm which only serves to underscore the point that electing leaders who only divert their attention away from destroying systems [in order to score political points] to emergencies, isn’t helpful when there is a true crisis.”

In another post from Tuesday that also remains on Twitter, Vindman, who is the wife of Alexander S. Vindman and a co-host of “The Suburban Women Problem” podcast, said that her tweet was “not a hurricane joke,” but “a DeSantis joke because DeSantis is a joke.”

But on Wednesday, Vindman announced, “I deleted my tweet from yesterday because it was offensive to the trans community. I want to be an ally, but I make mistakes. A lot of them. Thank you to those who left rebuking comments.”

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DeSantis entered office in 2019 and is seeking reelection during the Sunshine State’s 2022 gubernatorial contest.

“I will harass Gov DeSantis again & again. He deserves it. He’s eroded trust in all levels of government & removed experienced & competent people. He’s spent his entire time in office auditioning for the White House & soon that will become tragically apparent to all,” Vindman declared in another tweet on Wednesday.

When someone claimed that the Florida governor is relishing the attention he’s receiving because of the hurricane, Vindman agreed.

“I promise you all Ron DeSantis is thinking right now is how the hurricane gives him more camera time,” Randi Mayem Singer tweeted.

“Without a doubt. He thinks this is his time to shine,” Vindman replied.

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