Paul Pelosi Shows Up at Kennedy Center Honors Wearing Black Glove and Black Hat – No Hammer in Hand


Paul Pelosi made his first public appearance since playing hide the hammer with a man in his house a month ago at last night’s Kennedy Center Honors ceremony. 

These people are nuts.

Paul Pelosi was the subject of a major incident before the 2022 Election.   We reported on this extensively at the Gateway Pundit.

There Are Multiple Problems with the Paul Pelosi – David DePape Story – Nothing Adds Up

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Pelosi and the man at his house were both injured.  Multiple contradictions occurred in the story that many believe was made up.  Pelosi’s guest was known at gay clubs in San Francisco and he somehow made it into the Pelosi house with no one noticing, allegedly sneaking around the house and breaking a window in the process.

Many people believe that Paul Pelosi’s guest was invited into the house before Pelosi and his guest fought over a hammer.

Oh Boy… Jason Whitlock GOES THERE! “Nancy Pelosi Spent Her Money on Pair of Cans and All Her Husband Wants to Do Is Play Hide the Hammer” (VIDEO)

Last night Paul Pelosi was with his wife, Nancy at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.  He was wearing a black glove and hat inside the event venue.

Hunter Biden also showed up along with his father, Joe Biden the “Big Guy”.  Kamala Harris was there as well with her “husband”.  The entire scene was just plain bizarre.  (See picture below from Daily Mail.)

The Democrats are making a mockery of our country.   The only one missing was John Fetterman. 

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