The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 113: Is the Answer to Hookup Culture a Return to Traditional Marriage? A Conversation with Steve Gosney

The dating wars are bad, from what I hear. Everyone is miserable. Nothing is working. The apps are just for one-night stands, and the in-person approach sounds like an exercise in awkwardness and rejection. What’s going on? Why can’t we solve this?

Maybe two old married people have some insight, or maybe we don’t, but it’s worth a shot. If everything is bad and nothing is working with modern love, why not talk to some folks who did it the old-fashioned way? Maybe, just maybe, we have something to offer.

Defense attorney Steve Gosney and I, both married for more than 20 years, sit down to discuss what we think works in the world of love and marriage. Can we go back? Where do we start? Tune in to hear a real discussion on traditional love, gender wars, and dating.

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