Levin SLAMS media’s ‘BS’ coverage of Biden’s possession of classified documents

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The Department of Justice opened an investigation after President Joe Biden’s lawyers discovered classified documents in an office space Biden occupied.

LevinTV host Mark Levin aimed at the inconsistent media reports that desperately appeared to draw distinctions between the classified document seizure executed at the Mae-a-Lago home of former President Donald Trump and the documents found in Biden’s possession.

Levin reacted to an MSNBC report that claimed intent separates Biden’s possession of classified documents from the documents found in possession of Donald Trump. But Levin’s concern is that Biden’s lawyers cherry-picked the reported information. According to Levin, despite reports that Biden’s lawyers called the National Archives to retrieve the documents, Biden’s lawyers allegedly made first made a call to the White House. The documents had been sitting in the location of Biden’s former think tank from 2013 to 2021.

“Those documents sat in an unsecured location for nine years, so don’t give me this ‘they made an immediate contact’ BS,” Levin said.

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The top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee has requested that the U.S. intelligence community conduct a “damage assessment” of potentially classified documents. The question remains whether or not the revelation will complicate the Justice Department’s consideration of whether to bring charges against Trump.

Since the taping of this show, a second report of classified documents was discovered just two days after Biden’s legal team announced the November 2 incident.

Levin believes the Biden legal team attempted to get in front of the issue to control the narrative.

Watch the video for more on this story.

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