Pete Buttigieg: “Every Transportation Decision We Make is a Climate Decision” (VIDEO)


This is what happens when a small town mayor with no experience is chosen to maintain the country’s transportation.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who has overseen one travel disaster after another, said every transportation decision made is a climate decision.

“Every transportation decision in the 21st century is a climate decision whether we recognize it or not,” Buttigieg said on “Power Lunch” this week.

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Is Buttigieg making a ‘climate decision’ when he flies on private jets on taxpayer dime?

Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has taken at least 18 flights on private jets all paid for by US taxpayers.

Pete Buttigieg flies on private jets while lecturing Americans on the virtues of making sacrifices in the name of climate change.

Meanwhile Americans are dealing with delayed flights and flight cancelations because of Buttigieg’s incompetence and corruption.

“Everyday Americans face flight [cancellations] and long wait times because Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has completely mismanaged air travel,” APT executive director Caitlin Sutherland told Fox News Digital last month. “Yet, he gets to avoid all that by taking taxpayer-funded private jets to destinations with readily available commercial airline options.”

“And for someone so holier-than-thou on reducing emissions, Buttigieg sure doesn’t seem to mind the pollution caused by his literal jet-setting,” she continued. “This is hypocrisy at its finest, and these troubling expenses to taxpayers must come under immediate scrutiny.”

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