The Sad State of MSNBC’s Recycled, Tired Vax Propaganda Targeting Men

As one might expect, women — who are generally biologically wired to be more persuadable than men — have substantially higher COVID vaccination rates. This is clearly a problem for pharmaceutical profits and social control that demands a solution.

MSNBC news actor Joe Scarborough, who comically still maintains a pretense of conservatism, told any viewer who might be skeptical of getting a second mRNA “booster” (fourth injection total) to “put on your big boy pants” and just get injected.

The adult thing to do, Scarborough explains, is to go ahead and inject whatever pharma product is on the market without hesitation forever — no questions asked.

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Disgraced former Scarborough MSNBC colleague Keith Olbermann used the same weird emasculating tactic to manipulate insecure men into getting injected when he accused “anti-vaxxers” of just being afraid of needles. As if fear of experimental big pharma products with no long-term safety data somehow diminishes a man.

These are very sad schoolyard-caliber persuasion tactics, which, I imagine, would only work on the most unimaginably impressionable and weak-minded men (the MSNBC demographic). But since most of the cucks are already vaxxed to hell, they will likely prove minimally effective against remaining holdouts, who are the most courageous members of society, not the least. After weathering social ostracization and threats to their livelihood due to vax mandates and a thousand other pressures, they are unlikely to bend to the scolding of a cable news actor.

Meanwhile, even the UK — which has previously led the way on vax-them-all COVID insanity — is now recommending the “booster” only for immunocompromised individuals under age 50, because the risks to that group so obviously outweigh the benefits.

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