How and Why the Left Is Making the Memphis Cops Into ‘Racists’

We’ve heard that black people can’t possibly be racist, because slavery or something. But the lefties, desperate to somehow, some way blame “white supremacy” for the death of Tyre Nichols, are now saying otherwise.

Obviously, black people can be racist, though the playing field is uneven. For instance, unlike black folks, I can be labeled a racist and sent to the bigot cornfield for saying:

Before five black cops beat Tyre Nichols to death in Memphis last week, everything was racist — except black people. Literally, everything.

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But now, the new victim narrative is that black cops can be racist — but only to other black men, and only because they learned it from white cops. Thank God, we can finally blame white people. And, more importantly, the “racism” ploy lives another day.

This isn’t shocking to anyone who has been paying attention, for several reasons. First, guilt-ridden, liberal, white “Karens” love to beclown themselves and need to point out “racism” in the dumbest places, just to feel a sense of superiority.

Secondly, cha-CHING! The race-industrial complex makes mad stacks, yo. Legendary race hustler Al Sharpton will jump, jive, and wail about racism in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if it means he won’t have to get a day job. To miscreants like Sharpton and the new millionaires of BLM, black men are worth more dead than alive.

Another reason the clowns on the left want to blame “systemic white racism” for the brutal killing of Nichols is that they don’t want to place responsibility where it belongs: on the people who killed him. Nor do they want to implicate the lefties who know there is a lethal wave of violence gutting black communities but who are too cowardly — or making too much money — to confront the carnage head-on.

So I’ll be the big, bad, racist white guy who starts the conversation, points out the 800-pound albino gorilla in the room, and tries to help end the violence and save black lives: There is a problem with violence in black communities

Roughly 10,000 black men are murdered every year, and it’s not “white supremacists” who are behind the slaughter.

Despite a Penn State study that showed black neighborhoods are more than four times more violent than white neighborhoods of similar socio-economic status, lefty jackpuddings continue to insist “black-on-black” crime is a myth. Denying the redrum all but ensures the violence will continue, and for Democrats, that’s always been the plan.

Democrats want violence in black neighborhoods for several reasons:

  • People are easier to control if they are scared.
  • Guns will become easier to confiscate — from you — when the number of gun-related murders gets to what will seem like a breaking point.

What Have We Learned?

We have learned that race hustlers like Al Sharpton and the fat cats at BLM only make money when they can stand over the body of a dead black man and blame “racism.”

Also, Democrats need a body count to take away our guns. If black-on-black violence ends, that becomes an even tougher battle.

If violence in black neighborhoods were to go away, both Democrats and race-pimps would be in trouble.

Liberals have been a danger to black people for decades. If you don’t believe me, ask Malcolm X. He tried to warn black folks back in the 1960s.

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