Deceased 96-year-old woman found in a freezer in a garage during police wellness check, her daughter has been arrested

“I couldn’t find her,” Watson said to WGN-TV. “No record of her being buried or a memorial online or anything like that, so I knew her body was somewhere, it was somewhere, and it wasn’t in the ground.”

She said that her grandmother lived at a building owned by Sabrina’s mother, with whom she is estranged. When police searched the residence, they found her grandmother’s body in a freezer in the garage.

News footage showed police moving a large freezer out of the garage into a police van.

Chicago police spokesperson Tom Ahern confirmed that the body of 96-year-old Regina Michalski was found inside the freezer. Michalski was an immigrant who moved to the United States from Poland after World War II.

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WGN spoke to other tenants of the apartment building who said that they believed Michalski had been living at a nursing home.

“The last time I saw her was around like three or four year ago, but she was actually here,” said Angela Yanez, another tenant.

Neighbors said that 69-year-old Eva Bratcher, the owner of the building and Michalski’s daughter, had been arrested soon after the discovery of the body.

“I feel like I’m in a bad dream, like it isn’t even real,” said Watson. “She was always very sweet to me. I remember growing up, she would visit me in Indiana sometimes.”

WGN said that Bratcher had a criminal history and had pleaded guilty to forgery in 2006. She is charged with concealing a death and possessing a fraudulent ID card, both felonies.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Woman charged after elderly woman found dead in freezer at Northwest Side

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