Is Joe Biden a Chinese Asset?

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Ever since the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama administration cooked up the Russia collusion hoax, Donald Trump has faced accusations of being “a Russian asset,” and the media gladly used anti-Trump former government officials to help keep Trump’s loyalties in question in the eyes of the public.

For example, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who was in on the Russiagate hoax, helped perpetuate the myth that Trump was in cahoots with Russia by claiming in 2018 that Putin was “handling” Trump like an “asset.” We know there was never any evidence of Trump ever colluding with Russia, yet, when a highly partisan Obama administration official working in intelligence made such accusations, it lent an air of legitimacy to the conspiracy theory.

Naturally, this gave the media plenty of cover to openly discuss the issue as if it were a valid concern. In 2019, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, “Do you still believe the President could be a Russian asset?”

“I think it’s possible,” McCabe said. “I think that’s why we started our investigation, and I’m really anxious to see where (special counsel Robert) Mueller concludes that.”

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There are tons of examples of the media openly discussing or presenting “evidence” of Trump’s nefarious relationship with Russia — and they haven’t stopped even after he left office. Left-wing rag Slate, for example, wrote in 2021 about how there’s new “evidence” that Trump helped Russia “manipulate the U.S. election in 2020, as he did in 2016.” You can’t get any more tin-foil-hat-crazy than this, yet rabid anti-Trumpism gives so many in the media cause to report even the most absurd things about Trump with aplomb.

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Yet, for some reason, the mainstream media doesn’t seem to be asking the same questions about Joe Biden and China. Lord knows there actually is evidence that Joe Biden has had a long and profitable relationship with China, either directly or through his son Hunter’s shady foreign business deals.

In fact, any effort by conservative media to raise the question has the media running interference for Biden. Mediate quickly accused Fox News’s Jesse Watters of floating a “bonkers conspiracy theory” that Biden is a Chinese asset when the classified documents scandal first broke. But now, in light of the Chinese spy balloon that has been discovered in the skies above the United States, many are asking why the Biden administration didn’t shoot it down when it had the chance when the balloon was over the sparsely-populated Montana countryside. It was a fair question, but it turns out that the window of opportunity to shoot down without risk of civilian casualties was even bigger than previously thought.

On Friday, we learned that the Biden administration had actually been tracking the spy balloon ever since it left China, As Tucker Carlson pointed out on Friday, had it been a Russian spy balloon, it would have been quickly shot down at the earliest opportunity.

Even Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat representing Montana, wants answers for the Biden administration’s actions — or, more accurately, inaction. “China’s actions are a clear threat to those values and to America’s national security, and I’m demanding answers from the Biden Administration. I will be pulling people before my committee to get real answers on how this happened, and how we can prevent it from ever happening again,” Tester said in a statement.

Joe Biden’s handling of China raises a lot of questions, especially considering his shady history with the Chinese. Yet the mainstream media, which has been openly questioning whether Trump was (or is) a Russia asset for years, doesn’t seem interested in asking the most obvious question about Joe Biden.

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