STUDY: Ugly People Are More Likely To Continue Wearing COVID Masks


Is this why people are still wearing masks?

A new study from Seoul National University in South Korea found that ugly people are more likely to continue wearing COVID masks in the post-COVID era.

Outkick reported:

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Specifically, young and middle-aged Americans who view themselves as attractive “believe wearing a mask hinders the opportunities to deliver a favorable impression to others.”

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The report cites “Overall, we provide a novel finding that self-perceived attractiveness has significant effects on mask-wearing intention via mask attractiveness belief in the post-pandemic of Covid-19.”

“Our findings suggest that mask-wearing can shift from being a self-protection measure during the Covid-19 pandemic to a self-presentation tactic in the post-pandemic era.”

The third study, where the most noteworthy results came from, looked at 442 people.

The Daily Mail reported:

Researchers from Seoul National University in South Korea wanted to see if self-perceived attractiveness played a role in people’s mask-wearing intentions. They carried out three experiments on Americans recruited from Amazon Mechanical Turk, a crowdsourcing website for businesses.

Study three involved 442 people, half of whom were told they were going to walk the dog and the other half were told they were going to a job interview.

They were asked: ‘In this scenario, do you think others will perceive you as more attractive with a face mask?’

They were also asked: ‘How much do you want to make a good first impression on others?’

This makes more sense than wearing a COVID mask to stop transmission!

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