Number of independents who say they are worse off under Biden more than triples

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ABC News describes the difference as “small” and notes the figures are within the poll’s margin of error.

Presidents, of course, are not elected directly by popular vote. Rather, presidents and vice presidents are chosen by electors in a process called the Electoral College.

“Four in 10 Americans say they’ve gotten worse off financially since Joe Biden became president,” LRA’s results indicate.

ABC and the Washington Post have conducted nearly three dozen such polls over the years, posing the “better off” question since Ronald Regan was president in 1986.

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41% of respondents said they are worse off financially since President Biden took office — the worst outcome for a sitting president in the organizations’ 37 years of polling. Under Trump, the figure was just 13%.

Biden’s overall approval rating stands at 42%, well below the 56% average for the 13 presidents preceding him. His approval rating on the economy is even lower, at 37%.

The approval ratings and endorsements of being better or worse off are tightly tied to political affiliations. Whereas more than seven in 10 Republicans said they had become worse off under Biden, just 12% of Democrats agreed.

Notably, the number of independents who said they had become worse off under Biden more than tripled since the last administration. In 2018, when Trump was president, 11% independents said they had become worse off. Two years in to Biden’s administration, 39% of independents say they have become worse off.

A whopping 62% of respondents said they would be disappointed or even angry if Biden were re-elected. Those expressing the same sentiment on a hypothetical Trump win was 56%.

On the handling of classified documents, Biden fared better than Trump. While 45% think Trump did “something illegal” with respect to handling classified documents after leaving office, just 27% said the same when it came to Biden’s handling of such documents.

The telephone-based poll included 1,003 adults and was conducted by both landline and cellular phones between January 27 and February 1, 2023, in English and in Spanish. Twenty-six percent of respondents were Democrats, 25% were Republicans, and 40% were independents.

The wording of the “better off” question was, “Would you say you, yourself, are better off financially than you were when Biden became president, not as well off, or in about the same shape financially?”

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