Media Hypes Terrible Ratings For Awful Grammy Awards Show – Down 6 Million Viewers from 2020


The ratings for the Grammy Awards show were terrible, but you would never know that if you were going by the headlines in the liberal media.

Multiple news outlets hailed the ratings this year as being very good.

They weren’t.

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They were only a slight improvement over recent years. Hardly a great night.

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The talking point is that the ratings were the best since 2020.

Variety reported:

Grammys Ratings: Audience Jumps to 12.4 Million Viewers, Biggest Since 2020

The 65th annual Grammy Awards telecast brought in 12.4 million in total viewers on Sunday night according to Nielsen’s time zone-adjusted fast national ratings, making it the most viewed show of the night and the largest audience for the ceremony since 2020.

That’s up 30% from last year’s show which drew in approximately 9.6 million total viewers after Live+Same Day tallies came in later in the week. The 2022 ceremony served as the first in-person Grammys show following the Coronavirus pandemic.

Same thing at the Hollywood Reporter:

TV Ratings: Grammy Awards Hit Three-Year High for CBS

The Grammy Awards reached a three-year high for CBS on Sunday night, but as with most awards shows, their numbers are still well below pre-pandemic levels.

The 65th Grammys, back in their usual winter home after running in April and March the past two years, delivered 12.4 million viewers, according to time zone-adjusted fast national ratings from Nielsen and including streaming on Paramount+ and CBS apps. (Final ratings, which will give a better sense of the on-air and cross-platform breakdown, will be available Tuesday morning.) That’s a nearly 30 percent improvement on the 9.59 million people who watched the 2022 awards — though the latter figure is a TV only audience.

John Nolte of Breitbart News puts the numbers in perspective:

How about a little context to make sense of just how awful 12.4 million viewers is…?

Back in 2020, the Grammys drew 18.7 million viewers, and that was considered a disaster. At the time, 18.7 million, which is 50 percent higher than this Sunday night’s viewership, was nearly an all-time low…

The only reason the entertainment media can spin this 12.4 million debacle into something other than a debacle is due to the 8.8 million who watched in 2021 and the 8.9 million who watched in 2022.

So, yeah, I guess 12.4 million is higher than 8.8 million, but two times zero is still zero, y’all.

This is an award show that consistently drew 20 to 30 million viewers between 1976 and 2019. Between 2010 and 2017, the Grammys consistently delivered in the mid-20 millions or better. In 2012, nearly 40 million tuned in.

In recent years, millions of Americans have rejected entertainment awards shows for reasons which are obvious to everyone but the folks in the entertainment industry.

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