The Kruiser Kabana Episode 208: Forget Nukes, We Couldn’t Survive a German Zeppelin Attack Right Now

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(Reminder: all of the podcast episodes are now in the Kruiser Kabana section of our shiny new podcast page. I will be doing little teaser blurbs here and/or in the Morning Briefing for each new episode.)

Last week’s ChiCom Balloon Festival was one of the stranger international incidents I’ve experienced in my life. The Biden Brain Trust handled things so poorly I began wondering if the Germans might start manufacturing zeppelins again, just for effect.


Yeah, yeah, they’re our allies and everything, but I find it best to trust no one these days.

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Enjoy my musings about the commie balloon, and what this might mean for the Macy’s Parade next November.

Good news: I’m starting to line up guests for the show again. Later in the week, comedian Josh Denny will be back on the podcast to discuss his ongoing battle with the woke cancel crowd.

Have fun!

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