Breaking: High Altitude Object Shot Down Over Alaska on Biden’s Orders


The U.S. military shot down a high altitude object over Alaska, according to National Security Council spokesman Adm. John Kirby.

“WH’s Kirby: The Pentagon was tracking a high altitude object at 40K feet over Alaska; out of abundance of caution President Biden ordered it to be downed. It came down within US territorial waters. Fighter aircraft took it down within the last hour.”


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“Kirby: “We’re calling this an ‘object’ because that’s the best description we have right now. We don’t know who owns it” – state, corporation or other entity. Recovery of debris expected. It was “roughly the size of a small car” with “no significant payload”…The object did not appear to have the maneuverable capability of the Chinese spy balloon. It was ordered downed over concerns it posed a reasonable threat to civilian flight, Kirby says”


Kirby says the object was shot down over northern Alaska near the Canadian border on frozen water.

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