New Mexico Bill Aims to Lower Voting Age to 16


A new bill in New Mexico aims to lower the voting age to 16.

House Democrats in the state of New Mexico have introduced a new bill that would allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in city, county, and state-wide elections.

The new bill would amend Mexico’s previous state laws which require voters to be 18 years old to cast a ballot.

House Bill 217 will be reviewed by New Mexico’s House Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Committee on Saturday.

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Here’s an excerpt of  HB217:

As used in the Election Code and rules promulgated by the secretary of state, “qualified elector”
means any resident of this state who is qualified to vote under the provisions of the constitution of New Mexico and the constitution of the United States and includes any [qualified]
resident who is at least sixteen years of age.

It’s not just the state of New Mexico aiming to change the voting age to 16 years old.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this year, House Joint Resolution 16 which was introduced by Democrat Rep. Grace Meng of New York and co-sponsored by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aims to lower the age to vote on a national level.

H.J.Res.16 reads, “The right of citizens of the United States, who are sixteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.”

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