‘Dad’ Makes Video of Toddler Son Getting Manicure; Media Swoons

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Here’s a real Rockwell painting, courtesy of the hacks at USA Today and apparently NBC News. 

“A California man took his toddler son for a mani-pedi after the boy’s teacher told him ‘painting your nails is only for girls.’” The dad took him to a nail salon in (where else?) West Hollywood, and made a TikTok video of the child abuse, and society being what it is, the video went viral. 

“The clip – which as of Thursday had more than 4 million views and had garnered more than 700,000 likes – shows Shearhod’s son, Ashton, at a West Hollywood nail salon, excitedly shouting, ‘I want pink!’ before the service.”

Isn’t that cute. Dad happens to be a public school teacher (@Libsoftiktok, call your office), which USA Today stressed for some reason – maybe to encourage parents to homeschool.  “He said his son first expressed interest in nail polish about age 2. ‘Since then, we started painting our nails together.’”

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If anyone is looking to reboot the Andy Griffith show for the 2020s, I think I found your update for the heartwarming father-son fishing bit in the title sequence.

On the bright side, feminists should be encouraged. At the rate we’re going, we won’t have any masculinity left, toxic or otherwise.

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