Latina Republican rep. goes nuclear on WaPo article, forces retraction: ‘Sorry leftists but I’m about to blow up your BS story’

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Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida ripped into a Washington Post article intended to smear her reputation, and the paper was forced to issue a retraction.

The article claimed that Luna had a history of identifying as different ethnicities based on what served her purposes and accused her of lying about her upbringing.

Luna launched into a series of tweets undermining the article on Thursday.

“Holy s*** the Washington post just tried to claim my dad was never incarcerated, left out comments from my mom, said I was a registered Democrat, and did not report a convo they had with a former roommate, and interviewed ‘family’ I don’t talk to. This is comical,” she tweeted.

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She went on to deny other claims made in the article and posted screenshots that refuted or contradicted some of the claims.

The Post issued a retraction of one claim.

“A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Anna Paulina Luna was registered as a Democrat in Washington state in 2017 based on an erroneous voter registration database. Washington state only requires voters to declare their party affiliation when they cast a ballot in a presidential primary,” the article reads.

Luna said that she is ready to pursue legal action if the Post fails to issue more corrections.

“Here come the receipts,” she added with a fire emoji.

“We have sent letters from my attorney to the Washington Post & Salon to issue corrections or we will sue,” she added. “We are also sending to Vanity Fair, Business Insider, Yahoo News , Independent , any other outlet that reports false info.”

Luna also said she would go on Fox News to address the story and opined on the motivation for the dishonest hit piece.

“The left hates conservative minorities,” she tweeted.

Here’s the video of Luna blasting the WaPo article:

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