Five-acre plastic plant pots warehouse in Florida CATCHES FIRE, releasing fumes similar to those at Ohio train derailment site

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Just days after a Norfolk Southern freight train carrying vinyl chloride and other hazardous chemicals derailed and suffered a “controlled explosion,” a massive five-acre plastic plant pot warehouse caught fire in Kissimmee, Fla.

The nursery supply company initially lost about two acres’ worth of plastic planters that were set ablaze in the inferno before the entire five acres went up in smoke. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The incident occurred around 2am when local firemen were notified about flames and smoke at Nursey Supplies, Inc., located at 2050 Ave. A in Kissimmee. The nursery itself did not catch fire, but the warehouse did. Flames as high as two stories tall were reported – watch the videos below:

(Related: In addition to the East Palestine train derailment incident, Ohio suffered another major disaster last fall when an oil refinery that mysteriously caught fire had to be shut down.)

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Officials claim the type of plastic that burned is non-toxic (yeah right…)

The latest reports indicate that the fire is now 100 percent contained, but just like in Ohio there are now major concerns among locals throughout the area that chemical residues have toxified water, soil, and crop fields.

Public health officials claim there is no risk at all because the types of plastics burned in the blaze do not produce toxic smoke or ash.

“These pots are burning into soot, just carbon, and carbon monoxide, a small amount that dissipates in the air, carbon dioxide and water. Nothing exotic,” said Dr. Todd Husty, a public health official.

“No cyanide like you can get in some fires. No exotic chemicals like you can get in some fires.”

This is hard to believe considering the thick black smoke that filled the air as flames shot up into the night sky. The smoke plumes could be seen from miles away, including at the somewhat nearby Walt Disney World resort in Orlando.

No injuries were reported, but plenty of questions remain unanswered as to the cause of the fire, as well as the extent of the chemical fallout.


“It was done deliberately,” one commenter on a news story about the incident suggested. “It was no accident.”

“America is on fire and burning to the ground,” wrote another.

“Scorched earth, poison the well, salt the earth – this is where the New World Order and the globalists are at on their agenda to destroy the United States as we once knew it,” said another, forlorn about what he sees as the engineered destruction of the country.

Someone else who looked up the types of pots Nursery Supplies manufacturers and sells observed that they are used by many to grow food, which means this could be another attack on Americans’ food sovereignty.

“I have their site pulled up now and it looks like they make the type of pots, trays, etc. that you buy for food and flowering plants in the spring,” this person wrote.

“The site says: ‘For years, we’ve been quietly researching eco-friendly manufacturing practices, developing new production capabilities to accommodate recycled materials and building our own in-house plastics recycling processes’. So I doubt this and many other attacks are run of the mill leftist eco crazies. I’m willing to bet that somebody that already works for some branch of our government is getting orders and extra pay to do these attacks.”

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