Is THIS why Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘friends’ remain HIDDEN?

In this episode of “The Glenn Beck Program,” Glenn talks about the newly released emails that allegedly show that a former JPMorgan Chase executive discussed specific Disney characters — like Snow White and Beauty and the Beast — with Jeffrey Epstein, who may have “shared photographs of young women with the banker,” Reuters reports.

This ex-JPM executive is FAR from the only powerful American to have potential ties with Epstein. In fact, Bill Gates was photographed with him as well — despite Gates repeatedly telling the media they were not friends.

Why haven’t those involved with Epstein been exposed? Why are some of America’s most powerful people seemingly getting away with potentially the most heinous type of crime possible?

It may not be because of their money or elite status, Glenn says. In fact, in this clip, Glenn reveals HIS theory as to why Jeffrey Epstein’s “friends” STILL remain hidden.

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