Woman Who Stabbed Her Date in Vegas in Revenge for Soleimani Killing Has Wild Adventures While Under House Arrest

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Nika Nikoubin is the date from hell of all dates from hell: she is accused of getting together with a man she met on the Plenty of Fish dating website, blindfolding him during sex, and stabbing him twice in the neck. She did it, she said forthrightly, because she wanted to “spill American blood” in revenge for in revenge for America’s killing of Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani.

For that, Nikoubin was sentenced to house arrest, but in Old Joe Biden’s America, law enforcement officials have more important things to do, such as setting up the next Critical Race Theory seminar, than to keep track of a psychopathic jihad-minded Iranian (Nikoubin was born in the Islamic Republic but is now a permanent resident of The Great Satan). The Iranian spitfire has been having a high old time, while on house arrest, making music videos and even enrolling in college.

All this has come to light only recently, but it has been going on for months. Las Vegas’ KLAS reported that at a Wednesday hearing, Judge Carli Kierny ordered Nikoubin to put her music career on hold, saying that she “will not be able to continue to perform and make music videos pending trial.” This comes after Nikoubin “released a music video for a song called ‘Spaceman’ under the name Nika Borouj.” Kierny was definite: “At this point, we’ll just say no.”

No one, however, can accuse the wheels of justice of grinding too quickly in this case. Nikoubin’s “Spaceman” video was posted on YouTube on Jan. 9. Before that, she had posted other music videos on Sept. 5, Sept. 11 and Oct. 15, 2022. And while her YouTube account is indeed under the name Nika Borouj, the Sept. 5, 2022 video is labeled “‘Free’ by Nika Nikoubin” and sports a thumbnail image featuring a magazine cover mock-up showing Nikoubin wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and captioned, with refreshing frankness, “Nika Nikoubin.” But despite the fact that this material has been publicly available for as long as five months, only now has Nikoubin been barred from performing in public.

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This will be no loss to the artistic patrimony of the Western world. Nikoubin’s music is faceless, factory-made technopop, identical to that of a thousand other young ingenues much like her, aside from the fact that they’ve never stabbed their dates in the neck. The UK’s Daily Mail notes that the “Spaceman” video “sees the 22-year-old sings about her desire for the eponymous figure or an ‘astronaut between her thighs.’” Oh yeah, we need more of that sort of thing in today’s culture.

Nikoubin has also been busy with more serious matters. She enrolled in the University of Texas at Dallas for the Spring 2023 term, but when all of her activities while supposedly under house arrest came to light last Wednesday, the university barred her from attending classes. University spokesman Phil Roth maintained that the university didn’t know about her illustrious past: she was allowed to enroll “before university officials became aware that she was charged with a crime and is under the jurisdiction of a Nevada court.” Roth added: “Because the safety of our campus and our community is of utmost importance, we have removed her from campus.”

The university was not the only one pleading ignorance. Kierny noted that apparently “the Dallas-based agency monitoring Nikoubin was only tracking her location and not checking to see if she had potentially violated her curfew or other justice court-imposed provisions. A representative from the company told Kierny on Wednesday that they never received confirmation about the court-imposed restrictions.”

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Well, why not? Who dropped the ball here? Were authorities afraid of appearing “Islamophobic” by enforcing the restrictions on Nikoubin too strictly? Or were they simply too busy implementing Critical Race Theory and enjoying the latest drag queen performance to bother with something so trivial as a woman who tried to kill a man on behalf of a hostile foreign power? The University of Texas at Dallas was worried enough about Nikoubin to bar her from attending classes, but the law enforcement officials on the case were blasé enough about her to let her go gallivanting around making music videos.

The case of Nika Nikoubin thus encapsulates much of what is wrong with America today. Instead of being concerned about enforcing the law, those who are sworn to protect the American people are too preoccupied with wokeness to do their jobs. If Nika Nikoubin had attacked another American while out making her videos, what would the officials who are supposedly working on her case have done? Most likely turned on the video and started grooving to the beat.

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