3 suspects arrested in ‘horrific kidnapping,’ involving barbed wire, crosses carved in victim’s flesh, and crowbar beating

Three people were arrested for what a sheriff called a “horrific kidnapping” of a victim who was allegedly tied down with barbed wire, beaten with a crowbar, and had crosses carved into their flesh.

The incident unfolded on Monday in the East Fork Community of Madison County in North Carolina.

Sheriff Buddy Harwood of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post that police were called to a residence after an alleged kidnapping victim asked for help from the residents.

When they arrived, they found that the victim had sustained numerous injuries, including lacerations and crosses carved into the victim’s face and body.

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Harwood said that police canvassed the area and identified the residence where the kidnapping had occurred. There, they encountered three people, two of which had outstanding warrants.

Patrick Banks was wanted for a parole violation and had a felony warrant for his arrest for cutting off a probation electronic monitoring device. James Angel had a warrant for larceny and possession of marijuana.

When police obtained a warrant for the address, they investigated and found evidence supporting the claims from the victim. Harwood said investigators concluded that the victim had been held against their will in the basement of the home.

“The victim’s hands had been tied to a chair with barb wire, the victim’s feet were also tied up with barb wire, the victim’s chest was tied to a beam of the residence with barb wire, and the victim’s mouth had been taped,” the sheriff wrote. “The victim had been punched in the head, kicked in the head, struck multiple times in the head by multiple firearms, struck multiple times with a crowbar, sliced by multiple knives causing numerous lacerations to the victim’s face and hands.”

The sheriff posted photographs of some of the evidence they obtained including a chair with barbed wire around it.

Banks was charged with numerous crimes, including assault with a deadly weapon and first degree kidnapping. Angel was charged with assault, kidnapping, and possession of a weapon of mass destruction. A third person, Nicole Sawyer, was also charged with kidnapping, assault, and possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

Here’s more about the harrowing accusations:

3 arrested for ‘horrific’ kidnapping, sheriff sayswww.youtube.com

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