Pizza shop displays blunt hiring message in search for reliable employees in post-pandemic era: ‘Non-stupid people’

An Ohio pizza restaurant went viral over its pithy hiring bulletin that bluntly stated it is looking for “non-stupid” employees.

Santino’s Pizzeria, located in Columbus, recently posted two signs outside its restaurant informing the passing public that management is looking for more hired help. But not just anyone will do. Specifically, owners Robert and Jacqueline Dunigan are looking for “non-stupid people.”

Manager Heather Stockton told WBNS-TV the sign was originally meant to be a joke. But there is a nugget of truth in its message.

Since the pandemic, Stockton said the restaurant has experienced difficulty finding reliable workers who show up on time and demonstrate good work ethic. Many of the employees, she added, are simply “lacking” common sense and don’t take the job seriously.

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“I had a high school student who thought it was OK to bring a Nerf gun in with another employee here,” Stockton said.

‘It was all supposed to be a joke’: Viral pizza sign gains attraction through social

Santino’s is apparently not the first business to post a “now hiring non-stupid people” sign.

Last year, a pet store in Pasadena, Texas, received attention after posting the sign outside its business. The owner felt compelled to post the sign after having difficulty finding and retaining reliable employees.

What is the background?

The restaurant industry in particular has had difficulty finding employees in the aftermath of a pandemic, despite no shortage of jobs.

There are a number of reasons for the problem. On one hand, the restaurant industry pays non-managerial roles much less than skilled positions in other industries, and thus otherwise qualified candidates are seeking work elsewhere. Another theory is pandemic-related bonus unemployment money wreaked havoc on work ethic in low-skilled industries.

Fortunately for Santino’s Pizzeria, the sign, and the notoriety that has come with it, has been a boon for business and finding reliable employees.

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