Joy Behar Thinks Residents of East Palestine Got What They Deserved. Can You Guess Why?

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, some are born nasty, some achieve nastiness, and some, like Joy Bear of The View’, have nastiness thrust upon them.

Joy Behar is nasty. She’s deliberately hurtful. She makes a lot of money spouting utter nonsense about the world, particularly about her her enemies on the right.

But when she began a rant against the residents of East Palestine for voting for Donald Trump, she went from nasty to hateful to downright evil.

Joe Concha called Behar “vile.”

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“I don’t know why they would ever vote for him, somebody who, by the way, he placed someone with deep ties to the chemical industry in charge of the EPA’s chemical safety office. That’s who you voted for in that district — Donald Trump, who reduces all safety,” Behar said while pointing at the camera.

Behar’s problem isn’t that she proves her ignorance every time she opens her mouth. My uncle Ray is the same way. But the difference between my Uncle Ray and Behar is that she’s on a nationwide television show with a million or so viewers. That’s a million people who should know that Behar is an ignorant wretch of a woman.

But most of them are as ignorant and nasty as she is. so what can you do?

Co-host Sunny Hostin is equally as ignorant as Behar, but not quite as nasty.

“This is serious stuff. And this did happen under the Trump administration,” she said. “Republicans talking about small government and less regulations. Well, this is what happens when you allow companies to regulate themselves. When you allow companies to not be good corporate citizens and grade themselves, they give themselves an ‘A’ every single time. Just like I would. Grade myself, I’d get an ‘A.’”

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This notion that American businesses are underregulated is absurd. The end of the decade 2010-2020 saw 775,734 pages of federal regulations. Each and every one of them carries the force of law. And ignorance of the regulation is not a defense if an agency charges a company with breaking a rule.

Regulation is necessary and good — for the most part. But regulations — or a lack thereof — had nothing to do with the derailment. It was a maintenance problem caused by a mechanical issue with an axle. Trying to twist logic in knots and blame specific regulations that Trump repealed is politics — nothing more.

At one point, the numbskulls on The View pointed out there were only two employees running a train of several hundred cars. Trains today are so automated that more than a couple of employees on the train aren’t needed. But The View hosts sounded shocked that a modern train could be so automated and blamed Trump for the lack of workers.

Blaming the victims, blaming a president out of office for 2 years — these are the rantings of fools and knaves.

Nasty fools and knaves.

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