MIC DROP: Teenager SMOKES Woke School Board

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Brad Taylor, a now former student at Rosemount High School (RHS) in Minnesota, recently spoke in front of a his district’s school, board proving what conservatives have been saying for years now: schools are prioritizing inclusivity, wokeism and indoctrination of their students over their academic success and wellbeing. 

“District 196 schools are quickly becoming a place where promoting activism is actually more important than promoting education,” Taylor said, beginning what must have been a started their spiral of discomfort for the school board members. 

Taylor recounted how, on the first day of school, he was grouped, categorized and segregated by his skin color (white) during a speech from the principal. He was racially set apart from his classmates, “you must admit how uncomfortable it would be to be characterized just by your skin color on the first day of school, and you thought that you were wrong, just because of your skin color.” 

“In our principal’s attempt to unify us, he instead created unwarranted boundaries and barriers between his students, pitting us against each other based on characteristics that we can’t control.”

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Unfortunately, that’s the goal. It’s easier to indoctrinate kids when they’re weak. When they think that they are different from everyone or that their skin color makes them better or worse than their peers, that’s when it’s easy to target them and convince them on certain ways to act and things to believe. 

The student also pointed out that the school displayed numerous political signs throughout the building that prioritized specific races, sexual orientations and groups but was told that they were just supporting “human rights” when he confronted administration. At the same time, he was forced to erase “All Lives Matter” after writing it on the board in class and was told his behavior “outlandish and offensive.”

Taylor confronted administrators about the school’s equity statement, which he said didn’t represent all students. Staff told him, “Whites have a pretty good situation right now.” 

Taylor also said he now notices race right off the bat now when he meets someone new. He never did before attending the school. 

Taking it away from race for a moment, Taylor told the school board that his government teacher told him that “Republicans only care about themselves” while displaying a statue of a socialist leader in his classroom. 

Taylor announced that obvious “leftist agenda” has driven him to transfer to a private Christian school to continue in his studies. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the only realistic option for a student who actually cares about academics and cares about fairness and equality for all. 

As a final hurrah, Taylor announced that the school board would regret their choices to push these woke policies as he has big plans to be a leader in this country, whether it be political or as a professional golfer and “it’s a shame that you’re not gonna be able to say that I was an alumni of RHS district 196.”

Nuff said, kid. 

Take it from Taylor: homeschool your kids, or get them into private school.

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