Psaki Handed MSNBC Show, Network Becomes Transparent State Media

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Since Jen Psaki passed the torch to admitted diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre, no one has ever as seamlessly or shamelessly transitioned from public service (White House Press Secretary) to cashing out on that service to the tune of millions of dollars.

Jen Psaki’s new show on MSNBC will kick off next month, the network announced on Tuesday.

“Inside with Jen Psaki” will air on Sundays at noon and debut March 19 featuring one-on-one interviews with newsmakers and political analysis from the former White House press secretary.

The network said Psaki “will break down and make sense of the most complex public policy discussions happening in the Nation’s Capital from the debt ceiling to the political campaign trail to the war in Ukraine and more.”

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“I’m very conscious of the fact that people know who I am because I was standing behind a podium speaking on behalf of Joe Biden,” Psaki said as part of an interview given to The New York Times this week promoting the launch of the show. “I am not going to gratuitously attack him, nor am I going to gratuitously applaud him. … If he deserves applause, I will applaud him. If he deserves critique, I will critique him.”

No one who’s not mentally impaired and who understands the bare basics of how the U.S. corporate media functions believes Psaki is not going to continue serving as an obedient mouthpiece for the liberal faction of the corporate state.

These people don’t even bother to impersonate objective journalists anymore.

I lost count of how many spooks MSNBC has on payroll as “commentators.” It’s well into the dozens.

Via Politico:

Former CIA Director John Brennan (2013-17) is the latest superspook to be reborn as a TV newsie. He just cashed in at NBC News as a “senior national security and intelligence analyst” and served his first expert views on last Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press. The Brennan acquisition seeks to elevate NBC to spook parity with CNN, which employs former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director Michael Hayden in a similar capacity. Other, lesser-known national security veterans thrive under TV’s grow lights. Almost too numerous to list, they include Chuck Rosenberg, former acting DEA administrator, chief of staff for FBI Director James B. Comey, and counselor to former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III; Frank Figliuzzi, former chief of FBI counterintelligence; Juan Zarate, deputy national security adviser under Bush, at NBC; and Fran Townsend, homeland security adviser under Bush, at CBS News. CNN’s bulging roster also includes former FBI agent Asha Rangappa; former FBI agent James Gagliano; Obama’s former deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken; former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers; senior adviser to the National Security Council during the Obama administration Samantha Vinograd; retired CIA operations officer Steven L. Hall; and Philip Mudd, also retired from the CIA.

It would be one thing if every spook appearance on MSNBC were prefaced with a warning along the lines of “Hi, I’m from the NSA. I’m here to mislead you.” But they aren’t; instead, they are given the full presumption of credibility and good faith that any commentator enjoys.

What rational, clear-headed person would believe that an intelligence agent — trained in tactics of deception and misdirection — would suddenly transition from peddling Deep State lies at the CIA to honest, objective reporting in the public interest in the news media?

The question answers itself: there are no rational individuals who still credulously watch MSNBC. Their critical thinking skills have been outsourced to Russiagate Rachael Maddow.

Is it entirely coincidental that the star of MSNBC, who shares the limelight with an entire roster of Deep State propagandists and partisan actors like Jen Psaki, is also the most ardent purveyor of the Russiagate hoax, borne of Hillary Clinton’s epic 2016 electoral defeat at the hands of Trump?

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Never once has an MSNBC anchor asked of a “former” CIA (there’s no such thing) guest, “Do you have a conflict of interest here? How much is Raytheon paying you?”

Most, if not all, of the intelligence spooks and professional liars (Democrat press secretaries) who appear on corporate media are on the defense contractor dole. Many, like retired general Jack Keane, work directly for war profiteers like General Dynamics and Blackwater. When they cheerlead for more war — in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, or elsewhere — their dividends increase.

It’s their payoff for promoting one of the corporate state’s core political interests: endless war. Next to, of course, urging the prosecution of the actual journalists and whistleblowers, such as Edward Snowden, doing the job MSNBC is supposed to do.

Psaki, who crawled out of the State Department sewer, is a perfect fit.

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