Democrats Need Jan. 6 Lies, That’s Why They Are Freaking Out

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Democrats have been lying about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot from the beginning, and their temper tantrums over the release of unaltered footage from the events of the day are proof of just how much they were dependent on only one side of the story being presented and why Nancy Pelosi broke precedent by hand-selecting every member of the January 6 House Select Committee.

After Tucker Carlson showed footage of Capitol Police officers escorting “rioters” around the Capitol, including the so-called QAnon Shaman, as well as footage of Officer Brian Sicknick walking around unharmed, despite repeated claims by the left he and four other officers were killed that day, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) claimed that Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch “has a special obligation to stop Tucker Carlson” from airing more footage “because our democracy depends on it.”

Amazing, isn’t it? Our democracy depends on the Democrats’ version of what happened being the only version the public gets to see. In addition to selectively presenting videos, the committee doctored text messages to make them look incriminating. Why was it so important for the committee to only present one side? Because the J6 Commitee’s goals, in addition to preventing Trump from becoming president again, included making radical changes in election laws and expanding surveillance powers.

Yet it’s Carlson who gets accused of distortion. Whoop Goldberg jumped into the fray by bizarrely claiming, “Tucker Carlson took a page from George Orwell’s 1984 and told his viewers to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears,” even though he was presenting unaltered video footage — stuff the J6 Committee didn’t want you to see.

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So the radical left, including some allies on the Republican side of the aisle, are desperately holding onto the bogus narrative — even repeating oft-debunked lies.

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For example, during a press conference on Tuesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland was asked about Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 exposé. At first, he didn’t want to get into it, but, naturally, he couldn’t help himself and repeated a false claim about Capitol police officer deaths.

“So I don’t want to comment on any particular reports,” he replied. “I think all Americans saw what happened on Jan. 6 and most of us saw it as it was happening. It was a violent attack on a fundamental tenet of American democracy — that power is peacefully transferred from one administration to another. Over 100 officers were assaulted on that day, five officers died,” he said.

Even though the left insists otherwise, no police officers were killed on January 6 while on the job. Officer Brian Sicknick suffered two strokes the day after, and the other four died later, sometimes months later, of suicide.

So why is the left freaking out? Because its narrative is falling apart. Whoopi was having none of it, insisting, “No matter what, you can’t put this monkey back in the cage. You can’t,” Whoopi claimed. “This was insurrection. It just was what it was, so people are very upset. His viewers, maybe they’re going to buy it, I don’t know.”

If the left was confident that the Capitol riot was an insurrection, no amount of additional footage would scare it the way the footage released by Tucker Carlson does. Make no mistake about it, the left is terrified. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have Whoopi Goldberg telling you to believe her instead of your own eyes.

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