Stop Whining! This Is What Winning Looks Like: Anti-Groomer Bills Sweeping the Nation

There’s some kind of kerfuffle on Twitter currently where one faction of people who hate gender experiments on kids is throwing bombs at the other faction of people who also hate gender experiments on kids. Both sides have worked to end the medical experimentation on children in the name of the gender cult and have won many battles. Despite this strong agreement between the two, they’ve decided to get into a flame war over the method each group employs to fight evil.

“You’re too mean,” says one. “You’re a useless, spineless loser,” says the other.

Call me crazy, but anyone fighting evil in any capacity seems like an ally to me. But what do I know? I’ve just been on the front lines in this culture war for the last twenty years fighting (mostly alone with a few close allies) against behemoth institutions like the American Library Association. Back when I exposed the ALA for pushing porn on kids and into public libraries, a bunch of you hadn’t even heard of the smut on the shelves. Very few believed me back then.

But now we’re at a boiling point, and the porn pushers are putting the porn into the curriculum and the school counselors are driving kids to clinics for birth control and hiding gender confusion from parents. Now, it’s a five-alarm emergency (because no one cared back then, and I was called a “prude” for caring about porn and kids) and you all can’t stop fighting long enough to take the win that is right in front of us.

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I can say this with certainty. You all look pathetic. Democrats don’t do this. Democrats unite behind a goal and they will do anything… and I mean anything to reach it. But Republicans have a pattern they repeat every time they get close to a victory. I wrote about this in 2016 in my book Shut Up! It’s uncanny how ahead of the times I was and how relevant that book still is today.

You can always count on Republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every single time. It’s always the same old story.

I came up against the same kinds of people chastising me for my tone instead of going after literal masturbators in the public library. These were people “on my side” to boot. Here’s what I had to say about it back then.

Was Elijah showing love to his enemy when he challenged the prophets of Baal (whom he called sons of sluts to their faces!) and then mercilessly mocked them as they danced around their altar that wouldn’t light on fire? Elijah actually asked them if their god was on the toilet and maybe that’s why he wasn’t paying attention to the gyrating and twerking around the altar! It’s one of the funniest stories in the entire Bible and Elijah, I will remind you, was taken to Heaven in a special golden chariot. For God so loved Elijah (and his smart potty mouth) that He personally escorted him into Eternity.

If God wasn’t worried about Elijah’s tone, then the rest of you are fine. Stop worrying about ridiculing evil. If you can’t join in, then be quiet and continue fighting your way, but don’t sling arrows at others who fight differently or with more stinging wit than you. Rage-quitting a movement because a groomer’s fee-fees got hurt is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

But let’s look at what we should be celebrating. The ACLU needs Depends after activists and conservative influencers have sparked legislation all over the place that is about to trounce the transgender cult’s stranglehold on everyone.

There are 385 bills currently making their way through legislatures that will limit the influence of the LGBTQWTF cult on your kids. Those bills were only written because loudmouths did what we do. We stirred up some trouble (Oh, we got trouble! Right here in River City!). We got people mad by showing them the truth. Protestors traveled the country and educated the public about the dangers to kids. We called legislators and told them not to bother coming back to work if they didn’t write some bills and get them passed to protect parental rights. The ONLY way to do all of that in 2023 is to entertain the public at the same time. That usually comes with some well-aimed insults at the evil we want to defeat.

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So what? Anyone crying “boo hoo” that the poor man who thinks he’s a lady with a million followers — most of whom are impressionable minors — had a bad day is no reason to back off when we’re sitting on the edge of a major culture war victory. We’re not playing patty-cake with evil. We’re trying to defeat it.

But as usual, people in our own party and on “our side” want to moderate our tone and play nice with the people who want to mutilate our kids. I’m so tired of this. The time for nice is long gone. Nice has never worked. But some Republicans aren’t interested in what works. Some of them want to continue being the lovable losers who never really stand up for anything because it feels uncomfortable to point at evil and tell it the truth.

Evil doesn’t have any problem destroying those who are afraid to face it. But take heart! Those of us who are not afraid will carry the burden for the cowards and the worrywarts. I just hope they have the good sense to get out of the way.

If you want a good laugh, go look at the ACLU meltdown over all the fabulous bills that culture warriors have inspired. They’re having apoplectic fits and seizures over at ACLU headquarters, and it’s absolutely hysterical. I suggest you read the following in a high-pitched “REEEEEEEing” tone.

These bills target access to medically-necessary health care, like Medicaid, for transgender people. Many of these bills ban affirming care for trans youth, and can create criminal penalties for providing this care. These bills exempt identical treatments offered to cisgender youth or are forced onto intersex youth. Other bills block funding to medical centers that offer gender-affirming care, or block insurance coverage of health care for transgender people.

This is the moment to keep pointing and laughing and pushing forward. Screw ’em. These people are castrating kids! We have to stop them by any means necessary! And if all it takes is some mean jokes and continued exposure, then we should count ourselves very lucky. Most sane societies would have declared war by now. Be grateful for the people you hear telling offensive jokes about the groomers. It’s better than bloodshed. 

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