A Brief Audit of COVID Warlord Fauci’s Crimes Against Humanity

I recently humbly proposed elsewhere that COVID Warlord Fauci can and should be prosecuted for negligent homicide vis a vis the illicit gain-of-function research he funded at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Here, I would like to expand the indictment to his vaxx-related criminality, which is legion.

On the vaxx front, Fauci is culpable for an untold number of deaths that will become, perhaps, more concrete over time as the research unfolds into what exactly the longterm effects of the gene therapy are.

Under Fauci’s guidance from his perch atop the NIAID, this was the first time synthetic mRNA was used as a pharmaceutical therapeutic on a mass scale in humans, so everyone who took it was part of the biggest experiment in medical history.

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Due to time constraints related to gathering and analyzing data, as well as to obfuscation by the authorities, there is still much we don’t know about the harm wrought by these novel therapies — which are not, in fact, vaccines according to any previous understanding of the term (the Public Health™ authorities simply remedied this issue by quietly changing the definition overnight).

But here’s what we do know about the mRNA gene therapies that Fauci promoted and that his NIH profited to the tune of $400 million off of:

Perhaps most criminally, Fauci pushed mRNA injections on babies. who are at statistically negligible risk of death from the virus. And he did it without evidence demonstrating the efficacy of these injections in that age group.

Watch Fauci feign miscomprehension at the basic risk-reward logic explained above regarding the injection of experimental gene therapies that don’t work as promised to combat an infection that poses a statistically irrelevant risk to babies — logic which a small child could understand.

His crimes against the children of the world deserve the gravest consideration.

When parents resisted — the most natural, instinctive reaction to a predator like Fauci in the world — he favored using the stick instead of the carrot.

To such a creature as Fauci, the ends justify any means.

You gotta operate the easy way
“I made a G today,” but you made it in a sleazy way
Selling crack to the kids
“I gotta get paid!”, well hey, but that’s the way it is
-Tupac, Changes

The virus itself and the mRNA gene therapies marketed as vaccines together represent the biggest crime in history. The biggest crime in human history. The biggest crime in human history. The biggest crime in human history.

At points, I don’t know how to relay the sheer scale of the criminality to normies.

It was the biggest crime in human history, and the perpetrator is not only unindicted but is currently capitalizing off of his criminality to the tune of $100,000 per speech.

This is a symptom of a deeply sick incentive structure.

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Several congressional Republicans, such as Rand Paul and Ben Johnson, have done a decent job exposing the COVID lies. Many more Republicans have been lamentably quiet. The GOP pharma cucks, who quietly abided much of this criminality while their leader Donald Trump pushed Operation Warpspeed, need to kick things into high gear.

They promised investigations and prosecutions when they took the House. They ran on doing so as a major platform pledge. Presumably, millions of voters who understand the stakes cast their ballot based on those pledges.

Now it’s time to deliver the goods.

Pressure your local congressman. Call his office. Let him know that if he doesn’t move on COVID prosecutions, starting with Warlord Fauci, it’s going to be his neck on the line next.

Pressure, shame, and fear are the only tools that normal people have to get their elected leaders to represent their interests.

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