WATCH: Vapid Celebrities Appear in Ultra-Cringe ‘Refugee’ Propaganda Montage

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The only thing perhaps cringier than celeb montages is celebrities scolding the peasants about “diversity” and “tolerance” and similar abstract concepts associated with Democracy™.

Below, a gaggle of douchey, mostly washed-up movie stars hoping to remain relevant lament — in breathless, exasperated tones for added effect (they’re actors, after all) — the plight of the Third World migrant illegally entering and occupying Great Britain.

The basic gist is that each actor paints a sympathetic picture of a handicapped, pregnant, teenage, non-binary Migrant of Color™ (MOC) rolling her wheelchair through the English Channel to escape machine-gun fire. They each conclude sarcastically with “you’re a criminal,” insinuating that it’s unfair to label illegal transnational immigration a crime.

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Let’s put aside three pertinent facts:

  • Most “refugees” are, in fact, not fleeing war but are economic migrants looking for brighter prospects;
  • In a 14-year period from 2004 to 2018, the foreign-born population in the UK rose from 5.3 million to 9.3 million — a near-doubling of the small island country’s burden of transnational immigration; and
  • The preponderance of “refugees” to the West from the Middle East and Africa appear by all accounts to be fighting-age adult males with no children.

None of the celebrities virtue-signaling in the above video will be economically displaced by these migrants. Those negative consequences will fall on the working class. None of the celebrities’ neighborhoods will turn into no-go zones because their formerly tranquil streets have been converted into a chaotic mini-Somalia.

The most noticeable economic effect on these celebrities of mass-scale immigration, if there is any at all, is that the flooded manual labor market will drive down the wages they have to pay their servants.

Despite their solemn tones dripping with the façade of humanitarian concern, these celebrities lack genuine compassion. If they cared, truly, about the problem at hand, they would devote some of their vast resources to improving conditions in the natives’ home countries from which they flee so they never have the incentive to become “refugees” in the future.

Transnational immigration at scales such as that experienced by the UK is inherently destabilizing — anyone who claims otherwise is ideologically blinded or lying, or both. Shuttling impoverished migrants from country to country and destabilizing each new host country in the process is no recipe for global peace and prosperity. So they come from Syria to Britain because Syria’s in a bad way (largely due to Western geopolitical meddling, but that’s a story for another day). Immigrants will, and are currently in the process of, destabilizing Britain. So the question is: where will the people go once Britain is rendered as dysfunctional as Syria? The domino process has no endpoint that’s not disastrous for all parties involved.

But the multinational corporate state’s mission, of course, is not humanitarian in nature. The celebrities it recruits to promulgate its propaganda are unwitting dupes. It is primarily interested in flooding the West with migrants, thus degrading the culture from within, fanning the flames of racial strife, and slowly destroying the economy so that the population becomes landless, dependent serfs who have no means to resist the budding techno-tyranny.

This is 21st-century unconventional warfare — what the Chinese Communist Party terms “unrestricted warfare.” Bombs and bullets are the tools of antiquity; these migrants are human weapons imported perniciously under the guise of furthering human rights.

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