Punny PETA letter presses first lady Jill Biden to block use of real eggs at White House Easter egg roll

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is pressing first lady Jill Biden to prohibit the use real eggs for the White House Easter egg roll.

In a letter, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk asked the first lady “not to allow the use of real chicken eggs for the White House Easter Egg Roll but to choose instead reusable plastic or wooden eggs—or even lovely painted rocks or egg-shaped balls—all of which would last for years to come.”

PETA playfully deployed puns in the letter.

“This update would make the event eggstra special for chickens and inclusive of all children who attend, including those who don’t consume eggs for ethical, environmental, or health reasons,” the letter read. “Children, who have natural empathy for animals, would be saddened to learn that the eggs at this family event came from mothers who spent their entire lives in cages smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper, unable to lift a single wing, and were taken from her as soon as they were laid. It’s a most fowl irony.”

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“We hope you’ll agree that while families are shelling out nearly 70% more for eggs amid the deadliest avian flu outbreak on record, now is a hopping good time to hatch an Easter tradition that is kind and doesn’t prop up the cruel egg industry. We wish you and your family a very happy Easter and look forward to hearing from you,” the letter stated.

The day before millions of Americans chowed down on turkey dinners for Thanksgiving last year, PETA posted a tweet that featured a cartoon depicting turkey-headed characters with human-like bodies preparing to feast upon a human being for dinner. “POV: The dinner tables turned & a family is gathering around your dead body to share why they’re thankful,” PETA tweeted.

According to its website, “PETA opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview.”

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