Single mom paralyzed after being body-slammed to the ground during violent robbery, children say she’s the family’s only breadwinner

A woman in Houston, Texas, is recuperating from serious injuries received when a robber violently attacked her and stole thousands of dollars she intended to use to visit her family in Vietnam.

The harrowing incident happened on February 13 and was caught on video surveillance.

Police believe that the assailant followed 44-year-old Nhung Truong for 24 miles after she withdrew money from the Bank of America before he attacked her.

The video shows him grab her and run off with an envelope but then return when he realizes it’s not the money he was seeking. He then grabs her again and slams her on the ground before stealing the money.

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Truong suffered a serious injury to her spinal column when she hit her head. Doctors said that she may never walk again and has only a 50% chance of fully recovering from her injuries.

Her family said the man ran off with about $4,300 that she had saved up in order to fly her children to Vietnam and visit her family, whom they had not seen for nearly six years.

“I’m feeling very horrible and sad at the same time,” said Truong.

Police are looking for the suspect they describe as a black man in his early 20s standing about 5’8″ and weighing about 140 lbs.

Truong’s children are 13-, 15-, and 20-years-old; they say that she was the family’s only breadwinner, and their bills are mounting up.

“It’s been really bad. We have to pay rent and stuff and she’s the only one that can work and help us. We don’t know what to do,” said Van Duong, her daughter.

Her son says they are having a difficult time going to school while they worry about their mother and who is taking care of her. Truong’s mother said that her daughter had lost her husband to liver cancer about seven years ago.

The family has started a GoFundMe account to help with their bills, and supporters have raised over $32,000 for the family.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Woman left paralyzed after violent robbery in

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