Editor’s Pick: CNS News on Julie Strauss Levin Running Half Marathon for Terror Victims

Our sister site CNS News had a story Thursday morning that highlighted the efforts of 2022 MRC Bulldog Award winner and conservative talk radio icon Mark Levin along with his wife and First America Legal Senior Counsel Julie Strauss Levin to raise money for OneFamily Fund through the Friday’s Jerusalem Half-Marathon to benefit the city’s “victims of terrorism”.

CNS News editor Craig Bannister said Strauss Levin will be running the race as she’s “an accomplished long-distance runner, having previously competed in two half-marathons in Jerusalem, as well as in several full marathons and ultramarathons in other regions.”

On their website, OneFamily Fund’s stated their “mission is to champion the rights and needs of Israel’s victims of terror, and to ensure their rehabilitation and reintegration” with “a uniquely comprehensive blend of financial and legal assistance, as well as a variety of holistic emotionally therapeutic programs which are tailor-made for each person.”

Speaking to Bannister, Mark called his wife “a truly remarkable lady,” adding she’s “[b]rilliant, beautiful,” “energetic,” and “very passionate about our family, faith and country, and the Jewish state of Israel.”

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Bannister explained that “supporters have pledged to donate more than eight thousand dollars to the OneFamily Fund, via the Zeffy fundraising platform, on behalf of her participation in the Jerusalem Half-Marathon.”

“During Friday’s half-marathon, Strauss will wear a sign, pinned to the back of her shirt,” he added, “touting her support for enforcement of the Taylor Force Act and the murdered U.S. Army Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, for whom the law is named.”

To donate, click here. And to read more of Bannister’s piece, go here.

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