We Must Support Those Who Bravely Stand Up to the Trans Cult

It is no secret that radical leftist gender ideology has become increasingly prevalent in contemporary society. This ideology seeks to dismantle traditional gender norms and views gender as a social construct rather than a biological reality. However, this perspective is rife with fallacy and contradiction. For instance, proponents of this ideology claim that biological sex is irrelevant and that individuals can identify as any gender they choose — ignoring the biological reality that there are only two sexes, male and female, and that it is impossible to switch between them.

Despite the inherent flaws in this ideology, speaking out against it can have severe consequences. Those who oppose radical leftist gender ideology are often vilified as bigots or transphobic and may face repercussions in their professional and personal lives. For example, individuals may be fired from their jobs or lose friendships simply for expressing their views. Or, in the case of one girls’ basketball team at a Christian school in Vermont, being banned entirely from competitive sports.

On Monday, the Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA), which oversees high school sports in Vermont, issued a letter prohibiting Mid Vermont Christian School from participating in competitions due to its alleged violation of policies related to promoting racial, gender, and disability awareness as well as respecting gender identity. Why? Because the team refused to play against a team with a male player who identifies as female and chose to forfeit the game.

The Mid Vermont team felt that competing against a team with a male player, who has physical and biological advantages over actual girls, was not only unfair but also put their own players at risk of injury. Unfortunately, the VPA disagreed.

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“VPA policies prohibit discrimination and/or harassment of students on school property or at school functions by students or employees,” VPA officials explained. “The prohibition against discrimination includes discrimination based on a student’s actual or perceived sex and gender.”

Mid Vermont Christian School plans to appeal.

“Cancelling our membership is not a solution and does nothing to deal with the very real issue of safety and fairness facing women’s sports in our beloved state,” Vicky Fogg, the head of Mid Vermont Christian School, told the New York Post. “We urge the VPA to reconsider its policies, and balance the rights of every athlete in the state.”

The Mid Vermont Christian School’s girls basketball team showed immense courage by taking a loss to make a stand against the unfairness of allowing boys to play on girls’ teams. Despite paying a hefty price, they held their ground.

On the other hand, some don’t feel like they can take a stand. The female teammates of Will “Lia” Thomas’ teammates, felt that they couldn’t speak out because their own school, UPenn, didn’t support them. That’s why it’s essential to support Mid Vermont Christian School and firmly stand behind it in its quest for fairness and the rights and dignity of its female athletes.

We must speak out against the harmful ideology that the transgender movement promotes, especially as it gains more power and influence. The idea that individuals can change their gender at will, and that gender is not tied to biological sex, has significant implications for society, including erasing women’s rights and opportunities.

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