Trump Needed to ‘Lose’ the 2020 Election So We Could See the Rot Our Nation Is Suffering

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Survey after survey — frequently conducted by left-leaning news sites — show a varying number of Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump and his supporters.

They call 2020 election fraud “the big lie,” and they do so for a reason: it’s one of the last “tinfoil hat conspiracy theories” that has yet to be proven true, and it’s the one that could ruin what’s left of the Democrat Party forever.

Personally, I love being called a “wackjob” by people who believe Trump-Russia collusion; pee-pee-gate; COVID came from a bat sandwich; masks and lockdowns work; Trump called Nazis “fine people”; Trump mocked a disabled reporter; fiery but mostly peaceful protests; Hunter’s laptop was fake; border agents whipped illegal immigrants; Bubba Wallace’s garage pull was a noose; Trump stole nuclear secrets; COVID vaccines work; MAGA peeps attacked Jussie Smollett; “don’t say gay” was in a Florida bill; ivermectin doesn’t work and it’s for horses anyway; Trump built cages for kids; those rascally Covington kids mocked a “native American”; Andrew Cuomo was a great COVID leader despite the deaths of 15k elderly people; five police officers died on January 6; Trump said to drink bleach; a J6 QAnon witch-doctor dude tried to take over America with the weapon of a caveman; dudes in dresses have periods; and Nancy Pelosi isn’t a reptile.

If I left any lefty flapdoodle out, please leave it in the comments so I know for next time.

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FACT-O-RAMA! We closed the gyms—and kids’ playgrounds—during the pandemic, even though we later learned COVID eats the obese and exercise eats obesity.

I’ve gone back and forth, but today I believe Trump was robbed in the 2020 election. But I also believe it needed to be this way.

I spent the two months after the 2020 election trying to talk my conservative, Republican, and Trumper friends off a ledge. “Trump was cheated and the Supreme Court is gonna fix it, right, KDJ?”

I thought it would work out and Trump would prevail. I was wrong. Thank God.

I believe we needed Trump to be cheated. I believe if Trump had won, certain parts of the electorate—the libs—would never have been forced to choke on the reality of what their Democrat Party has become.

The Democrat Party of JFK is long gone. The party of Bill Clinton is also a ghost. It’s been replaced by people useful idiots who believe a man can become a woman by saying, “I’m a woman,” and that he will be declared a woman by a party that can’t define what a woman is.

Today’s Democrat Party is made up of several types of people:

  • young, participation-trophy malcontents who appear ready to fight if someone treads on their snowflaky feelings, yet have never been punched in the face
  • 55-year-olds—and older—who seem to have no idea that JFK would be a Republican if he were alive today
  • stooges
  • pink-haired crazy trains who have not yet “decided” if they are a man, woman, or something else
  • idiots too stupid to admit they’ve been tricked

I know all this, and so do you. But in order to satiate those who still haven’t seen the reality—or refuse to accept it—we apparently, as a nation, needed to suffer a bit more.

So let the suffering begin.

Eggs have become prohibitively expensive.

FACT-O-RAMA! A Western omelet on Long Island is now $17.50.

Gas is still way up. Biden wants us to kiss his commie-stroking a** because inflation is, supposedly, slightly down.

Democrat voters clearly need to have their teen kids come home and declare they changed their gender while visiting California, Oregon, or Minnesota—without parental consent. Those same people need to spend thousands of dollars more per year on literally everything—food, energy, clothing—before they get the point: orange man bad wasn’t that awful.

Some people need to see their liberties erode even further. They need to watch their kids be led astray by groomers (I hate that I just wrote that) and leave them for “glitter families.” Some liberal sycophants won’t learn until everything they need—and love—has been torn away by today’s version of liberalism.

These things never happened under Trump. Our enemies stood down. No Chinese spy balloons hoovered intel when Trump was in office. Putin didn’t invade anyone. We could afford to feed our kids breakfast, and those kids didn’t flip us off and flee to thingamabob-sanctuary states that can’t wait to “trans” them.

Some Americans (leftists) clearly haven’t suffered enough, or realized how happy, safe, and prosperous they were when Trump was in office.

Now Biden has four years to drain their 401ks, fire them for being the wrong skin tone, cut off their sons’ penises, and take their gas stoves. I hope they are paying attention.

I hope our left-leaning friends will learn the following by 2024:

  • the Biden family is owned by the Chinese commies
  • “climate change” is a joke, meant to enslave us
  • the Democrat Party has been hijacked by pinkos
  • their kids are being groomed by minor-attracted persons pedophiles
  • mean tweets aren’t so bad

As a former liberal, I know why the left won’t easily give up their guns positions. They need to feel a form of “supremacy.” They need to feel they are better than we conservatives. They need to laugh at our belief that there is a higher power.

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Maybe after the libs have lost their retirement accounts, jobs (to diversity hires), and kids (to vile groomers), they’ll realize we conservatives weren’t all that bad. And that Trump, bravely, put himself in the line of fire to protect America. Maybe.

Either way, it had to happen this way. Let the world see what has become of the Democrat Party and their kowtowers.

I am trying to leave the country a bit better than I found it.

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