Squires: Black Democrats ‘drag’ Trump as a sign of their LGBTQ devotion

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The progressive leadership structure in black America – the group of politicians, pundits, professors, performers, and preachers I fondly call “the Afristocracy” – obsesses about two things: 1) hating Donald Trump; 2) and worshiping LGBTQ allies.

The Afristocracy behaves as though detesting Trump and exalting drag queens, transgenders, and homosexuals equate to loving black voters. They don’t. They equate to attaining power by any means necessary and maintaining that power by ignoring the legitimate concerns of your base.

The hate Trump-worship LGBTQ dichotomy currently defines New York politics and the priorities of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, New York Attorney General Letitia James, and New York Mayor Eric Adams, three of the highest-profile black politicians in America.

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In fact, the hate-worship dynamic is so strong and intoxicating that it provides Trump with an opportunity to evade the legal woes Bragg has manufactured for the former president. If Trump dressed in drag and offered to perform in front of children, the left would demand that the Afristocracy immediately halt its pursuit of America’s 45th president.

Ironically enough, Trump has some experience in this area. In 2000, he assisted then-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in a skit in which Rudy dressed in drag. Perhaps, two decades later, Trump could read at libraries while disguised as “Storm Daniel,” a big-breasted real estate tycoon with a hankering to share Penthouse letters with kids.

Following in Giuliani’s footsteps in this instance would scramble the left’s operating system and crash social media. On one hand, the left’s hatred for Trump burns with the fury of a thousand suns. To them, he is Hitler reincarnate, the epitome of hatred and evil. On the other hand, the left’s love for drag performers oozes from their pores. Leftists make cameo appearances on their shows, patronize their performances, and stand up for their “right” to twerk in front of little children.

The interaction of these two forces would buy the former president a few years while the left decides which of its two obsessions – hating Trump and worshiping drag queens – it is most willing to surrender.

I admit that my idea might be a little out of the box, but no one can deny that the actions of Bragg, James, and Adams reflect the current priorities of the American left. Bragg, James, and Adams are responsible for representing the interests of a multiethnic patchwork of citizens with different values, interests, and policy priorities.

But like most Afristocrats in politics, each used race to make the case that a vote for them would improve the lives of black voters. What has become painfully clear to anyone willing to be honest is that in politics, racial politics and historic “firsts” always help candidates more than their constituents.

Alvin Bragg’s office has downgraded 52% of felony cases to misdemeanors in his first full year since being elected New York’s first black district attorney in 2021. One person he did seek to prosecute was Jose Alba, 61, a bodega clerk who killed a man in self-defense after being attacked by a customer and his girlfriend. Bragg charged Alba with second-degree murder and requested that his bail be set at $500,000. Charges against Alba were eventually dropped after his case gained national media attention, but the public got the message. In Bragg’s NYC, accused rapists receive reduced sentences while hardworking merchants are punished for defending themselves.

Letitia James is the first black attorney general in New York history. She is serving her second term after winning re-election in 2022. Like Alvin Bragg, she has made bringing down Trump one of her highest priorities. James filed a $250 million lawsuit against Trump for “persistent and repeated business fraud.”

When she is not combing through Trump’s taxes and Trump University course descriptions, James can be found promoting the left’s death agenda. James has never married and has no children. She spoke at a pro-abortion rally last year in New York, where she touted her faith while telling the crowd that she had an abortion after being elected to the city council. She waded even deeper into the culture war by hosting a Drag Story Hour event in New York over the weekend. She posted several photos from the event on Instagram, including one that said “Drag Story Hour is a fun opportunity to get our kids excited about reading!” while seated next to a man in drag whose shirt said “I DON’T WANT TO LOOK OR BE CIS.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is also very concerned about his drag queen voting base. He tweeted the following last June, in the height of the media’s “Don’t Say Gay” propaganda campaign: “Drag storytellers, and the libraries and schools that support them, are advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is core to what our city embraces.” The mayor echoed the same sentiment in an official statement from his office.

Adams is NYC’s second black mayor, but his love of drag reflects the priorities of white Lululemon liberals on the Upper West Side, not working-class black voters in Brooklyn.

This phenomenon is hardly restricted to Gotham.

The disconnect between the priorities of the black leadership class and the larger community is worse now than ever. Black leaders in the early 20th century, the people W.E.B. DuBois described as “The Talented Tenth,” were committed to “uplifting the race.” They promoted temperance, thrift, education, industry, and upright moral living. They used their education, influence, and resources to benefit the masses. The Afristocracy has killed that model of leadership. Its members use the poverty and misfortune of the masses to benefit themselves.

Their parasitic mindset has been on full display since the summer of 2020, when calls to reform the police in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death quickly gave way to demands to defund the police. Black politicians, pundits, and professors followed the lead of BLM activists who perfected the art of using the high-profile deaths of black men to reshape society in their vision, regardless of the impact it had on the communities they claimed to represent.

Hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs used Floyd’s death to shame General Motors into spending more money with black media firms. His open letter was a signal for a much larger group of culture vultures to swoop in. Women who would have crossed the street if they saw George Floyd walking toward them used his lifeless body as a springboard for their career prospects. That is why USA Today felt no shame tweeting the following last May:

“After George Floyd’s death, corporate America pledged to improve diversity in hiring. But two years later, deep racial inequities still exist when it comes to who gets the jobs with the most pay, perks and power — especially for Black women.”

This is the ethos of the Afristocracy. A black man on fentanyl was killed during an interaction with police, therefore black multimillionaires should become billionaires, black Marxists should become millionaires, black women should get the corner offices at Amazon and Google, and black politicians should get elected to office.

The left’s Trump obsession and drag queen advocacy should serve as a warning to black voters. The Afristocracy’s athletes and entertainers are the most influential. Its intellectuals are the most dangerous. But the elected officials are the most self-serving.

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