War and civil unrest: What could happen if the BANKS COLLAPSE

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Before the financial crisis in 2008, Glenn Beck knew this could cause a depression. What he didn’t foresee was that the federal government would violate the free market system and make the problem bigger. Now what’s happening?

Officials are bailing banks out and making the bigger banks even bigger. Beck warns that we’re “going to end up with four banks and then we’ll end up with the Fed.”

Just last week, banks borrowed a combined $164.8 billion from two Federal Reserve backstop facilities The prior all-time high was in 2008.

Beck continues, “I am growing more cautious by seeing what’s happening behind the scenes.”

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He says that “everything is interconnected. The contagion, meaning one bank falls then it’s dominoes. It goes across the water and it will collapse everything.”

His message gets more ominous: “If the small banks collapse, 60% of all our loans and our businesses collapse … we are not looking at a depression situation, we are looking at a complete collapse of the West if this happens.”

If the West collapses, there will be a currency reset. It could very likely be a central bank digital currency, and this is terrifying.

He says what’s going to happen is the “government will step in and say this is too big for anybody else to handle, we’ll handle it with the Fed. We’re resetting the currency, it’s going to be a digital dollar.”

The government will essentially destroy the worth of your physical dollar, leaving you no choice but to conform to the new currency.

If this goes through, you will bank with the government.

Beck offers a piece of advice: “What I would tell my own family, we have to go shopping tonight … do not hoard, but grab some extra things and have them … take care of your family, do the right things, do not panic.”

“Panic makes this whole thing happen. So, do not panic.”

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