Glenn: Do this TODAY to help stop possible Trump arrest

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They have the man they want to see arrested; now they just have to figure out what his crime is. And apparently, the left is sticking with his dealings with Stormy Daniels as what’s finally going to take him down.

Glenn Beck knows it’s nothing, but the left will do anything to see him fall.

He says, “It’s not a bribe; it was a settlement. He settled a case. That happens all the time.”

But if you want to fight what’s happening to the former president, you have to take action. Beck advises, “Get on the phone with your member of the GOP, whichever and as many as you possibly can dial. And I mean local all the way to the top.”

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He continues, “Governments are instituted among men to protect rights. They haven’t protected our First Amendment right, the GOP hasn’t.”

Glenn says that the reason Donald Trump is so popular is because people feel that he understands them and is fighting for them as well as himself.

He continues, “They’re against him because he’s standing in the way to get to us. That’s the way most Trump supporters feel. It’s the way I feel.”

Will anyone in the GOP become a leader and stand up today for the rights of our former president? Glenn is asking that you do. That someone in the GOP does.

“So you call … and you say … I want you to stand up against the violation of our rights and the violation of Donald Trump’s right. We have a banana republic. We sent you there to protect and defend the Constitution. I don’t think you’re doing enough.”

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