Putin’s deadly chess match

What does Poland see that the “Putinoids,” as Mark Levin so lovingly calls them, don’t?

They’re right on the border. They have everything at stake. And Ukraine and Ukrainians stand between them and the rest of Europe.

New intel has exposed Russian efforts to overthrow neighboring Moldova.


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Levin says, “The same way he overthrew Crimea. The same way he overthrew parts of Georgia. The same way he took provinces in Ukraine.”

He continues, “They send in a Russian militia, they create a civil war scenario in these particular areas. They’re terrorist attacks — they create division. He claims there’s Russian-speaking people there, and then when the country defends itself, he moves in.”

And now he’s going after the Black Sea and Moldova.

If Putin takes control of the Black Sea, Putin controls half of NATO.

According to Levin, “Poland says that … the Russians sent in some special forces there, undercover, to blow up some of their infrastructure.”


Because Poland is the main thoroughfare through which resources are coming into Ukraine.

Levin continues, “This is not a joke.”

He adds, “That’s why XI is trying to control the South China Sea. He controls the South China Sea five to six trillion dollars in economic goods can’t go through there anymore without their permission. Then he has a military hold over the Philippines, potentially Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea.”

“That’s what’s going on.”

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