Chinese-Made Super Nintendo Knockoff Marketed to Kids Contains Racist and Sexist Content

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Manufacturers of the made-in-China “Super Mini SN-02,” a knockoff of the early 1990s console Super Nintendo, may find themselves in civil litigation at some point over their seemingly obvious intellectual property theft.

In the meantime, they’ve also been accused of inserting “racist” and “sexual” games into their catalog by a millennial parent who bought the console for her son.

Apparently, the fentanyl mass-imported by the Chinese, trafficked through Mexico, and their TikTok app disseminating cancerous trans ideology to America’s children isn’t quite enough — they also have to ruin a beloved relic of 90s kids’ youth.

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In one instance relayed by the mother, a young white and black boy lay together on their stomachs in a tent shirtless, with the white one reading a book that contains “PORN” on the title.

YouTube / NBC News

In another instance that the CNBC journalist discovers on the console, a game based on the “Jungle Book” features a naked Mowgli, the protagonist, with his cartoon-rendered genitalia exposed.

YouTube / NBC News

As for the “racist” content, the white woman described a game called “Black Man 2” that is supposed to be based on “Super Mario 2” but she couldn’t bring herself to give details.

The sexual stuff, by almost everyone’s judgment, is not kosher. But perhaps it might be wise to not jump the gun on the racist angle.

The definition of what constitutes “racism” related to children’s video games is dubious at best, so it’s probably advisable to take these claims with a grain of salt.

Social Justice™ activists, for instance, recently threw a tantrum at the prospect of non-Italian actor Chris Pratt voicing Super Mario in an upcoming movie.

Via New York Post:

Nintendo sparked an uproar on Italian-American social media after revealing that Anglo-American star Chris Pratt, 42, would voice everyone’s favorite Italian plumber in the upcoming “Super Mario Bros.” film. The Japanese video game giant revealed the controversial casting decision via Nintendo Direct Thursday.

This is the latest in the new Hollywood rule as of a few years ago, which no one voted on and no one outside of a fringe social element requested, that white, “cisgender” actors can’t portray characters whose identities they don’t share in real life.

Via The Guardian, 2019:

More casting directors to consider hiring transgender performers to play non-trans characters.

In guidance for entertainment professionals working with LGBT+ performers, published on Monday, the union said some trans actors were better suited to playing characters who were cisgender – meaning their gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth.

“The fact that [a performer] is trans may be completely invisible in the role or production, but it powerfully represents diversity in the industry,” it said. “This ‘invisible’ diversity is just as important as more physically recognisable forms of diversity.

Frankly, if we’re forced to use these ever-changing definitions of the term, a little bit of classical “racism” in the form of non-Italian actors playing Italians in fictional portrayals might do kids some good as a modest counterbalance to the extreme ideological indoctrination they are subjected to in public schools.

The more important conclusion, though, is that the Chinese are experts at what they term “unrestricted warfare,” which includes information warfare. They regularly insert content of the kind discussed here into their products, which Americans buy by the ton, to decay American culture and fray the social ties. They are far and away superior in this domain, and it arguably makes up for their relative weakness in kinetic military capabilities.

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