San Diego pastor: ‘Drag is holy’

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According to a San Diego pastor, “Drag is holy.” You can’t make this up.

The pastor says this in a video he took of himself dressed with rainbows adorning his religious wear.

He confidently says, “Drag is holy. There has been an assault on the rights of drag performers in this country, and we must call out the hypocrisy and the injustice, really.”

It gets worse. He goes on, “Jesus called himself a mother hen longing to gather up her chicks. Gender is a construct, you see, and if Jesus can be a mother hen, you can dress in drag. I’ve even heard it said that Jesus was, and humanity is, God in drag.”

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Obviously, Pat Gray has something to say about this. He quotes Isaiah 5:20, before completely tearing into the pastor’s deluded belief.

He says that no one talked about drag shows or drag queens before they started pushing drag on children. No one cared about RuPaul running around dressed like a woman and judging other men who dressed like women on his show.

No one cared until they came for the kids.

Gray says, “You’re sexualizing and confusing children. And this we will not tolerate. You can call us transphobes, haters, bigots — I couldn’t care less what you call us. You’ve gone way too far, and this is where we draw the line.”

We were warned about this evil about 2,800 years ago by the prophet Isaiah, and not for nothing.

If we let this evil fester in our society and take over our children, we will suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Gray comments, “I have an aversion to fire and brimstone raining down from the sky. I’m averse to that.”

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