Footage shows loose tire send Kia Soul flying above LA freeway

A Kia Soul was sent flying heavenward in an accident Thursday in Los Angeles. While the hatchback’s ascent over the 118 Freeway was not ultimately rapturous, there may have been something providential about its return to earth, granted that the driver managed to walk away in one piece.

Anoop Khatra witnessed the crash, having trailed behind the Kia at a distance in his Tesla. Khatra’s dash camera managed to capture the Kia Soul’s aerial acrobatics.

The Kia can be seen in the footage speeding along the left lane. As it progressed, over to the right, a high-clearance silver pickup can be seen signaling a drift into the lane one-over.

Just as the dark Kia drew up parallel to the pickup, the truck’s front left wheel popped off and rolled immediately in front of the hatchback.

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While the pickup dropped down onto its driver’s side rim, the Kia and its driver were sprung at least 10 feet into the air by the loose tire, which had remained upright and continued to spin.

After roughly three seconds of air time and rolling clockwise, the Kia unceremoniously hit the freeway nose-first and upside down. It then completed one more longitudinal roll before grinding to a halt.

To add insult to injury, the truck tire responsible for the Kia’s initial liftoff caught up with the wreck and struck it in the rear.

While the debris and glass shed by the Kia settled, the pickup completed its trek to the far side of the freeway.

Khatra tweeted, “Surprisingly the driver of the Kia was actually able to walk away from this unharmed.”

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that there were no major injuries resultant of this accident, reported the Telegraph.

KABC-TV indicated that sheared-off lug nuts apparently led to the tire’s initial detachment from the pickup truck.

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