Soros-funded DA’s radical policies push prosecutors to resign: No longer ‘adequately and ethically protect the rights of victims’

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George Soros-funded Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price’s radical and lenient policies have pushed two California prosecutors to quit.

Prosecutor Jill Nerone recently resigned from her position, claiming that because of Price’s administration, she could no longer “adequately and ethically protect the rights of victims.”

Nerone announced last week that her final day on the job would be April 7. In a letter slamming Price’s administration, Nerone stated, “I am hopeful that your policies will soften, and that crime victims will once again be the priority of the office.”

Nerone quoted a mother of a recent homicide victim who had concerns that her child’s accused murderer would be released without consequences.

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According to Nerone, the mother stated, “I cannot fully express the concern that we have with the direction that Alameda County is heading and the freedoms that violent offenders are given.”

Prosecutor Charly Weissenbach, who had served with the Alameda County DA’s office for 10 years, announced her resignation earlier this month.

In her resignation letter, Weissenbach stated, “I no longer feel capable of fulfilling my legal and ethical duties as a prosecutor under this administration.”

Weissenbach was the first prosecutor to go on record expressing her doubts about Price’s administration.

“It’s important for the community to know what’s happening and it’s important for the victims to feel like they’re not alone,” she told the Berkeley Scanner. “I don’t want them to feel like everyone has abandoned them.”

Price, who campaigned on preventing gun violence and reforming the criminal justice system, took office in January and has faced a wave of backlash for her left-leaning policies, including directing prosecutors to seek minimum sentences for defendants when possible and exploring alternatives to incarceration.

For example, Price offered a 15-year sentence plea deal last month to a man accused of killing three people in 2008. However, Superior Court Judge Mark McCannon rejected the unprecedented plea deal last week.

“They’re expressly telling us not to be transparent about who is making the decisions. They are expressly telling us to keep it vague to save their own skin,” Weissenbach said. “Don’t say this was Pamela Price going light on crime, instead say this is just what you think is appropriate.”

She accused Price’s administration of being too close and unprofessional with defense counsel. Weissenbach also claimed the administration was sometimes “malicious” toward employees.

“If we get a guilty verdict, will we be walked out? If we question her directive, will we be walked out?” Weissenbach added. “We’re even feeling like, if we’re honest with our victims about charging and sentencing, we could be walked out for that.”

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