The Chinese and Russian threat

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Chinese President Xi Jinping made his first trip abroad since his re-election. His trip was to Moscow, a sign of his growing alliance with Vladimir Putin.

BlazeTV host Mark Levin is concerned.

On his Fox show “Life, Liberty & Levin,” the host claims “the greatest threat that we face as a country is the inability to wake up to what the hell’s going on here and pretend that we can parse out these countries and all the rest.”

Mark plays a clip of Ronald Reagan, making the case for a stronger international policy similar to Reagan’s famous “peace through strength.”

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Levin does not believe our battle is simply with China.

He says, “The reason why Xi is building these alliances and partnering with these countries financially and militarily is because he wants to defeat us, and at the same time, we have voices from within both parties that are undermining us, that are giving the enemy, I think, aid and comfort with their Tokyo Rose-type propaganda.”

Levin continues, showing the growing influence of China’s and Russia’s partnership in other continents.

Levin uses Africa as an example, where the two countries are multiplying heavy infrastructure projects that may make the entire continent trapped by their influence. He asks, “Where is the Reagan of our time? Where’s the Thatcher of our time? Where’s the Brian Mulroney of Canada of our time? Where’s the John Paul Second of our time? Where’s the Helmut Kohl of our time? Where’s the Churchill of our time? Where are they? Because we need them. Desperately.”

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