Debunking the ‘Trans Genocide’ Conspiracy Theory

In the wake of the Nashville school shooting on Monday, the same people who were quick to blame pro-gun Republicans for the tragedy suddenly had to switch gears upon the revelation that the shooter identified as transgender. Now the media is working overtime to ensure there is no backlash against the transgender community for what happened. However, in doing so, they are propagating the conspiracy theory that trans individuals are victims of systematic genocide.

During Tuesday’s episode of Alex Wagner Tonight on MSNBC, guest host Ali Velshi contended that talking about the transgender identity of the Nashville school shooter is especially dangerous since trans people are already more susceptible to experiencing violence merely because of their gender identity,

“Trans people are already more likely to experience violence simply because they are trans people, so the right focusing on that is uniquely dangerous, and we have to respond to that,” he insisted.

Velshi, like so many in the mainstream media, perpetuated the “trans genocide” conspiracy theory that appears to have motivated transgender activists to arm themselves and seek vengeance against those they feel have wronged them. Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN), for example, cited the alleged “trans genocide” in its promotion of its planned “Day of Vengeance” on Saturday.

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These activists have been brainwashed into believing that transgender people are being systematically targeted for violence and murder, yet crime statistics prove this is not happening. According to the left-wing group The Human Rights Campaign, 2021 was the deadliest year on record for transgender people. According to the group, there were 45 transgender individuals killed in 2021 in violent hate crimes. But their numbers don’t jibe with official crime statistics.

According to data that the FBI released earlier this month, hate crimes directed towards transgender people made up only 2% of all reported hate crimes in 2021. This percentage is notably lower than those for other types of hate crimes, such as those directed towards black individuals (31%), white individuals (13%), Hispanic individuals (6%), Jewish individuals (4%), and Asian individuals (4%), yet no one argues that there’s an ongoing genocide of blacks, Hispanics, Jews, or Asians.

An analysis of the FBI data conducted by the Daily Wire reveals that out of the 271 documented crimes against transgender individuals, only two were considered homicides, and two were classified as rapes. Most of the reported crimes, around 70, were classified as “intimidation.” Additionally, there were 48 cases of aggravated assault, 87 cases of simple assault, eight robberies, 14 thefts, and 37 incidents of vandalism or damage. These statistics challenge the belief that transgender individuals are being systematically targeted for genocide. It’s not clear how the Human Rights Campaign came up with its numbers, but even if we assumed they were accurate, those stats wouldn’t back up the “trans genocide” theory, especially considering that the number of transgender people in America was estimated at 1.64 million last year.

Yet the radical left and trans activists have been pushing the “trans genocide” conspiracy theory for years without any evidence to back it up. It doesn’t matter whether you believe FBI statistics or the Human Rights Campaign’s numbers; there is simply no evidence to back it up. Yet this hoax persists, and yet there are countless articles online discussing the alleged “trans genocide” that is taking place. The only thing this harmful conspiracy theory does is breed animosity and suspicion toward those who do not subscribe to trans ideology.

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