Shoot to Kill: Nashville Police Teach Country’s Police How to Handle School Shootings

God bless the Nashville Police Department. If the country needs one thing after the Uvalde police disgrace—when officers in full kevlar protection armed to the teeth stood by and waited for victims to bleed out while desperate parents tried to breach the school and were arrested instead—it is watching competent police do their jobs and run INTO FIRE instead of avoiding it.

While this will not assuage the hearts of the families who lost loved ones in the horrific Nashville school shooting at Covenant Christian School, it gives us hope that not all of the boys in blue are cowards. In fact, these Nashville police officers are the heroes we read about in storybooks. They’re the ones who ran into the line of fire to save the lives of children. We will never know how many children they saved.

I watched the bodycam footage live on my YouTube channel and I felt relieved—relieved that there are still officers willing to run into danger. I hate to say it, but the officers in Uvalde made me think we’re all doomed if we have to rely on the police for help. Watching those buffoons stand around while shots were fired into elementary students and do absolutely nothing about it made me rage inside. It destroyed my faith in the “thin blue line.” How on earth can officers of the law wearing kevlar stand by when little children are being shot in cold blood? How? In the name of all that is holy, how are those officers not in prison already?

You had one job. 

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I have a 17-year-old daughter (we call her Spawn) who is taking criminal justice classes at a trade school. She is braver than the Uvalde police. She would run in. That’s just how she is built. She’s like her dad in that way. Both of them thrive on adrenaline. Spawn can’t be nice to her sister (Mini-Fox) but she would throw herself in front of a bus for her. I’d put money on it. So why the heck are the Uvalde police so terrible? What is going on in that police academy that the graduated police force in full gear with loaded weapons didn’t run into danger?

Watching the Nashville police barrel into that school with no concern for their own safety– like they’ve been waiting for their whole lives to take out that shooter–just makes me angrier at Uvalde. How dare they? How dare they stop parents from rushing the building if they weren’t willing? How dare they wear the badge at all? There aren’t enough insults available in the English language to heap onto the heads of the officers in Uvalde who allowed 21 lives to be taken while they stood around weighing the options. May they all reap what they have sown.

My 17-year-old daughter has bigger cojones than the entire Uvalde police force, and we are all owed an explanation why. If I were given the choice of the Uvalde police or my Spawn as personal protection, I’d choose Spawn every time. That’s sad, Uvalde. You’re less helpful than a 17-year-old girl who has three knives on her at all times (you’ll never find them). You should hang your heads in shame. I’ve seen Spawn take down a grown man in a jiu-jitsu match. She’s also stood up to administrators twice her age and come out the winner. She kills it on the range—head shots only. (Her instructors tease her that her shooting skills must be from being born in Chicago aka Chiraq.) Is there anyone in Uvalde on that cop squad who has the skills of my 17-year-old kid? Based on what we’ve seen, I don’t think there are. Why not?

Police Chief John Drake of Nashville said what we all want to hear after his officers neutralized the threat without hesitation.

“As I said before, we will not wait,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told reporters after the massacre at The Covenant School, where three 9-year-olds and three adult staffers were slain on Monday morning.
Drake added, “I was hoping this day would never ever come here in the city. But we will never wait to make entry and to go in and to stop a threat especially when it deals with our children.”

People are saying he “called out” Uvalde police. Good. Do it. They deserve it. They sat around and waited while children were being massacred. Uvalde police deserve every coal of shame heaped on their heads. You failed your one job: protect and serve, not stand around and dither. Damn every one of you who did that and stopped parents from entering the building—I have nothing but contempt for all of you in Uvalde. What a bunch of cowards.

I may be over-emotional today, so please forgive me. Mini-Fox came home from school crying. She locked herself in the school bathroom because she heard someone threatened to shoot up her school. It turned out to be a “non-credible threat,” but she was terrified. This is not okay. And I want to know that the people we pay to put on that kevlar vest and strap on that gun are going to run into danger and not wait around like overfed bums just there for the government paycheck. I want to know that police will fight for my child. If you put that badge on your chest, you’d better put your life on the line for them! That’s what you swore to do. You didn’t sign up for a safe job. You signed up for a life of danger. So prove to me that you love it, that you meant it when you put on that badge, and run in when everyone else is running out. Die a hero or, better yet, live the life of a hero. 

Nashville officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo deserve our thanks. They’re both still alive and they took out the threat before that threat could hurt more people. These are the officers we root for, they are the officers we support, and they will deserve every honor bestowed the day they leave us. This is the kind of officer I know Spawn will one day become if that’s what she chooses.

God bless the Nashville Police Department. This is how you do it. 

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