Biden letting illegal immigrants SCHEDULE crossing the border

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Can illegal immigrants schedule a trip across the border without any interview or questions?

Well, yeah. There’s an app for that. The app is an official CBP app called CBP One, and its intended purpose is to allow immigrants to make appointments at the border.

In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Josh Hawley ripped into Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the matter.

He quotes an article from Texas Monthly, “At no point does the app ask users ‘Are you seeking asylum?’ Those arriving for the CBP One appointments are given no interviews, asked no questions about vulnerabilities that they may or may not have listed in the app or about why they’re coming to the United States—they’re simply released into the country.”

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He continues, “Mr. Secretary, you have built Ticketmaster for illegal immigrants.”

Hawley continues to hammer Mayorkas, asking him to clarify whether or not they are given interviews.

When Mayorkas fails to answer coherently, Hawley says “that’s starting to sound like a no.”

He continues, “The Texas Monthly has reported that once illegal immigrants go on their phone and reserve their time to come to the border, once they use your concierge service that you’ve created for them — when they come they are given no interviews, they are asked no questions about any vulnerabilities, they are simply released into the country. Is that happening?”

Mayorkas answers that they “are screened and vetted before they arrive at our border.”

Pat Gray watches the exchange and has his own commentary on the issue.

“How are they being vetted before they get to the border? Are we meeting them in a central location in Mexico? Do we have agents down there in Mexico and when they pass by and we see that they’re Venezuelans or Cubans, we go up and ask them?”

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