Italy BANS bugs from being used in pasta and pizza – sorry, Klaus!

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The Italian government is taking action against the globalist push to transform the human food supply away from meat and into bugs and insects.

In an announcement this week, Italy’s leaders indicated that crickets, mealworms, and the rest of Klaus Schwab’s menu for the world will not be allowed as an ingredient in any bread or pizza products manufactured and / or sold in the country – period.

Other food products made and put on the market in Italy can contain bugs just so long as they are clearly and noticeably labeled as such. The Italian government is also requiring that all bug-containing foods other than pizza and bread bear a warning label about the dangers of consuming Schwab’s menu.

“What the decrees provide for is a label with the origin of the product, the risks associated with consumption and the quantity of insect meal present, but we have also provided special shelves where they can be displayed inside the shops,” said Francesco Lollobrigida, Italy’s minister of agriculture, about the move.

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“Those who want to choose crickets, larvae and locusts can go there, and those who don’t want to, as I imagine includes most Italians, can keep away.”

(Related: The Italian bakery Tellia is going to have to rethink its business plan following this decision.)

Tell your legislators to ban bugs in food

This is really great news, and the kind that we hope spreads to other countries, including the United States, so perhaps similar rulings can be issued there and here as well.

The truth is that consuming bugs is not normal for humans. With the exception of locusts in the Bible, there has never been a time that humans have relied on bugs for sustenance.


The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) push to have people eat bugs now is a slap in the face from the globalists who feel as though they are superior and deserve to eat real meat, while their “subjects” should be forced to eat like cattle and critters do.

“For some reason we are being told that eating bugs will somehow make the weather better,” writes Peter Sweden on his Substack about the excuse the globalists are giving about why everyone else besides them needs to eat bugs instead of real meat.

“Just think about that for a moment. Eat the bugs in order to make the weather better. How insane does it sound when you actually realize what they are pushing?”

Should those international tribunals we sometimes hear about ever come to fruition and the globalists perpetrating all this are held to account for their crimes against humanity, perhaps their jail food should be comprised of bugs instead.

“Bugs should be used for food in the soon-to-be-created globalist penal institutions,” one commenter wrote towards this end. “THEY can eat bugs and be unhappy.”

Another wrote that he has tried crickets just to see what they taste like, only to find out that “they are gross.”

“They are also full of parasites and others are allergic to the chitin,” this person added. “Chitin is a long-chain polymer of N-acetylglucosamine, an amide derivative of glucose.”

“Not to mention the human body can’t digest ‘bugs,’ and the digestive system gets destroyed from consuming that garbage,” added someone else. “Which is the whole motivation behind ‘you will eat zee bugs.’”

“Everything the demonic psychopaths calling themselves ‘elites’ do is for the destruction of human life and any life forms found in nature, right down to plants. They’ve polluted, destroyed, and genetically modified everything created by God. And the death jab was just another iteration of their genetic modification satanic, BS, depopulation agenda.”

Want to learn more about globalist Klaus Schwab’s “eat bugs and be happy” scheme for the global human herd? You can do so at

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