MacIntyre: Nashville shooting reveals the media’s anti-Christian hate

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As someone who is known for having a more cynical and realist understanding of our political situation, even I was amazed at the naked evil displayed by the American media in the wake of our nation’s most recent mass shooting.

It would be nice if we were, as a nation, allowed to have an organic moment of human grief over the senseless murder of three children and three adults at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. But the relentless propagandists of the American press refused to allow even the smallest expression of genuine sorrow before pummeling their audience with the most shameless barrage of ideological gaslighting imaginable. The perpetrator of this heinous act was a 28-year-old female transgenderist, and the top priority of the media immediately became respecting the pronouns of a child-murderer.

As amazing as it was to watch journalists and pundits correct the pronouns used by law enforcement who were describing the slaughter of children, the descent into madness had only just begun.

When any group is targeted for senseless violence, the most common public reaction is to express solidarity with that group. Sympathetic media stories are generally followed by social media campaigns where users post flags or pictures demonstrating their support for the victims. Corporations often feel compelled to hold fundraisers or announce a visibility campaign on behalf of those targeted by the attack. This is so common that even third-tier celebrities like actor Jussie Smollett will stage fake racial attacks in hopes of garnering attention and public sympathy.

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But in the wake of the Nashville shooting, regime media did not run endless pieces exposing violence against Christians, and no Instagram campaign emerged encouraging users to post Christian flags to show their solidarity. Instead, the media decided that conservative Christians had this coming and proceed to dance on the graves of dead children.

While we do not know the explicit motivation of the killer because law enforcement are still withholding the contents of her manifesto, the media did not hesitate to jump to the obvious conclusion. The press was more than willing to draw the connection between the shooter’s trans ideology and the fact that the attack was perpetrated at a Christian school. But instead of decrying this murderous hate that was turned on three 9-year-old children, the media went to work justifying the shooting as an act of righteous vengeance.

Headlines immediately linked the shooting to the fact that Tennessee had recently passed a law banning the mutilation and chemical castration of minors. Cable news pundits rushed to inform their audiences that the attack was a predictable reaction to the wave of “anti-trans” legislation sweeping the country. MSNBC hosted trans activist Charlotte Clymer, who proceeded to lecture red America about how unchristian it is to oppose radical gender ideology and the victimization of children. Internet political commentator David Pakman mocked the prayers of Christians for being unable to protect their children from a horrific slaughter. Josselyn Berry, the press secretary for Democratic Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, posted a photo of a women wielding two handguns with the text “Us when we see transphobes” just after the Nashville school shooting. Berry later resigned, but the message was very clear: The murder of children in Tennessee was both predictable and understandable. The left was justifying the attack and encouraging further violence.

Unsurprisingly, the media’s call for radicalization and public action was quickly answered. Crowds of protesters stormed the state Capitols of both Tennessee and Kentucky. This was not done in outrage over the deaths of children or the violence carried out by a deeply disturbed transgenderist, but instead in opposition to bills that banned the surgical mutilation of children. Protesters fought with police, and one man, wearing what can only be described as a cartoonishly demonic inversion of the helmet and face paint immortalized by the QAnon Shaman, led chants in the Capitol rotunda.

The progressive media may have spent years calling January 6 a dangerous insurrection that threatened American democracy, but protesters who violently interrupted a state legislature received no condemnation. It seems very unlikely that the Biden DOJ will be hunting down every attendee of these protests or locking the trans shaman away for years on end. These protesters are leftist foot soldiers acting as unofficial arms of the regime and will therefore face no serious consequences.

We still do not properly understand all the factors that drive mass shootings, but one key element is the desire of the perpetrator to attract attention or become famous. In many ways mass shootings are a media-driven phenomenon, which is why focusing on the details of the shooter instead of the victims only encourages more attacks.

The progressive media’s prioritization of the shooter’s “trans identity” was already bad enough, but they simply could not resist the temptation to turn the murderer into a sympathetic celebrity. The Daily Mirror ran a piece romanticizing the killer, lamenting a lost future as a possible children’s illustrator and describing her artwork as “whimsical.” After being pilloried on Twitter several times, the Mirror eventually deleted the piece, but the fact that it was ever published in the first place speaks volumes.

The White House entered the fray by celebrating the “Trans Day of Visibility,” with Joe Biden insisting that transgenderists “shape our nation’s soul.” Regime press apparatchik Karine Jean-Pierre described the transgenderist community as “under attack” just a day after one of its members sprayed bullets into the bodies of elementary school children.

Not to be outdone, the sad and attention-starved ghoul known as Madonna sprang into action, announcing a show in Nashville to raise money for the LGBTQ community. Again, the message sent was unmistakable: If you kill Christian children, we will shower your preferred group with money and attention. Celebrities usually raise money and awareness for those communities victimized by mass shootings, but if those victims happen to be Christian, they will instead mock them by rallying around the identity of their killer.

The unfortunate truth in America today is that accountability is driven by media attention. Our nation’s collective consciousness is conditioned and directed by what flashes onto their phones and television screens. The media can dictate when a crime is the responsibility of an entire community and which community happens to be at fault. Christians have been aware that the media has hated them for a long time, but most did not realize that vile resentment had reached the level of justifying the murder of children. Activists, pundits, and journalists are happy to spit in the faces of grieving parents if it means advancing their agenda. They do so gleefully and with the righteous assurance of those who believe that they have a divine mandate.

The press will never be shamed out of this behavior because it grants them fame and power. It also provides the moral cover of a religious crusade that can justify any action. The only way the progressive propagandists will stop is if they are replaced or made irrelevant by alternative institutions capable of generating a more compelling cultural consensus. Until then, our nation will only become more deeply divided, as our ruling elite play the very dangerous game of justifying and rewarding violence against those who oppose their agenda.

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