Domino’s pizza receipt near a murdered man leads police to 12-year-old boy who allegedly sent incriminating texts on his phone

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Police said that they found a pizza receipt at the scene of a crime and were able to arrest a 12-year-old boy for a heinous murder because of it.

34-year-old Brandon Felton was killed on March 15 in his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from a single gunshot to his head, according to police, who found his body in a pool of blood three days later.

The criminal complaint from the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office said that investigators found a spent shell casing near a receipt for Domino’s Pizza with a phone number on it. Police said that when they called the number a “young-sounding male” answered the phone.

That voice belonged to a 12-year-old who lived in the neighborhood and knew Felton because they played video games together.

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Police had the boy’s mother bring him to the station for questioning.

“The defendant then continuously stated that he did not order food that night and has never ordered food from Felton’s house. He claimed he had no idea about the pizza and that Felton never used his phone to order food,” the complaint said.

Initially, the boy admitted that he was at the home when Felton had died but claimed that a friend of his shot the man. Then his mother told the police that he was lying.

“He and his friends went to Felton’s residence to buy Felton’s guns. Felton was not going to sell the guns and then the Defendant and his friends went to Felton’s to take the guns,” the complaint said.

Police were able to find incriminating texts from the boy to his friends on his cellphone.

“In those messages, the Defendant states that he has a ‘play,’ which Complainant knows is a slang term for a robbery. The Defendant then indicates the ‘play’ is for a shotgun and a ‘chop’ which Complainant knows is a slang term for an AR-15 style rifle,” the complaint said.

One text specifically asked his friend if he should kill Brendan.

The boy was charged with first-degree intentional homicide and booked on $100,000 bail.

Although the boy is being charged as an adult, his attorney said that in Wisconsin that is a formality for a charge of that kind and that a defendant can request to be charged as a juvenile.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Milwaukee homicide: 12-year-old charged, pizza receipt led to

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