Gavin Newsom announces campaign to promote his liberal agenda in red states across the US

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Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a national campaign to fight Republicans in red states, sparking rumors that he is gearing up to run for president.

Newsom said Thursday that the new political action committee would focus on promoting his liberal agenda in local and state races across the nation.

The PAC is called the “Campaign for Democracy” and is reportedly funded with $10 million that was left over from Newsom’s campaign to fight a failed recall effort in 2021.

“The problem in our country right now: authoritarian leaders who are so hellbent on gaining power and keeping it by whatever means necessary that they’re directly attacking our freedoms in state after state,” said the 55-year-old Democrat in a campaign video for the PAC.

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The ad specifically cited Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as two Republican targets for the campaign.

Newsom is also going on the road in a “listening tour” of states, including Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. He’s reportedly also going to visit Indiana, South Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, and Texas.

Although Newsom had denied suggestions that he is planning on running for president, he has made several moves appearing to aim toward raising his national profile. In spite of speculation by many pundits, a poll found that a vast majority of Californians did not want him to run for president, and only 22% said they supported a presidential run.

The Democrat made headlines recently when he admitted that illegal immigrants were becoming a drain on the state’s resources after he extended the social safety net beyond citizens.

“The more we do, the burden is placed disproportionate on us,” said Newsom. “We can’t continue to fund all of these sites because of the budgetary pressures now being placed on this state and the offsetting issues that I have to address.”

Here’s more about Newsom’s national plan:

Gavin Newsom launches PAC to take on red state

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